There’s some “Dangerous Curves” here

unnamed 1 The band Dangerous Curves performs at Hershey’s Bar and Grill.   PHOTO BY MARK POETKER  GAITHERSBURG — By day John Brian Jameson works as an arborist in Montgomery County. By night Jameson trades his work gloves for leather ones, as he fronts the hard rock band Dangerous Curves. The band celebrated the release of their self-titled debut album, Saturday at Hershey’s Bar and Grill in Gaithersburg.                                                                                  

Ten of the eleven songs on the album are original.

“I’ve written hundreds of songs since I was a kid. I tried to share them, but it never worked until now,” said Jameson. “We have something here that fits together.”

The band formed four years ago, when lead guitarist Chris Gamble, and drummer Randy Snowman, were in a band called Sir Psycho. They had booked a gig at Hershey’s, but their singer and bassist canceled last minute. Gamble called bassist Linwood Turner to fill in, while Snowman got in touch with Jameson to fill in as singer.

“We had three days to prep, and the gig went great. So, a week later we decided to make it into something,” said Gamble.  

According to Gamble the band originally started out as a cover band, but as they grew a fan base, they began adding original songs to their set list.   

“It’s a lot more fun playing our own stuff since we are not bound by sounding like the groups we cover,” said Turner.

The sense of fun showed in their performance. Jameson danced on stage with abandon, going into the crowd and riding the mike stand like a horse. Besides original songs from their album, the group tossed in covers like Skid Row’s “Monkey Business,” and Guns N’ Roses classic “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Throughout the night, Dangerous Curves also showed off their instrumental chops. Gamble took several solos, his fingers gliding across the fretboard for fast melodic sequences and Eddie Van Halen-style two-hand tapping runs. Turner joined in with a bass solo on one track.

The party featured many local rock bands including The Rhythm Bandits, The Who cover band Going Mobile, Led Zeppelin and Bad Company cover group Shooting Star, and blues rock group The Crimestoppers.                                                                                                                                       

 “We wanted to support the local music scene,” said Shari Farber, a self-proclaimed “cheerleader” for the group and one of the concert's organizers.



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