Local artists take part in Silver Spring Arts and Crafts Summer Fair

Local artist Jamal Childs works on a sketch drawing during the Silver Spring Arts and Crafts Summer Fair.  PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZLocal artist Jamal Childs works on a sketch drawing during the Silver Spring Arts and Crafts Summer Fair. PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZ  SILVER SPRING — Jamal Childs, 25, nodded his head to the hip-hop song “Bad and Boujee” by Migos playing on his Beats By Dre portable speaker as he colored in his latest sketch drawing, using “no pencil, all ink pen.”

Childs, a Takoma Park native, attended the Silver Spring Arts and Crafts Summer Fair at Veterans Plaza on Sunday not only to sell his art pieces, but he also because the community needs events like these.

“No matter what you do in life, you can recognize where there is art,” said Childs. “It doesn’t just have to be something in the museum or something like graffiti; literally you walk by art every day, and these types of events is just a concentrated area to get all that at one time,” he said.

Childs, who said he has been taking art seriously “all my life, pretty much since I was able to hold a pencil,” explained that for events like this to continue, residents should consider supporting their local artists.

“A lot of times, it’s the people that say ‘Oh I really don’t know anything about art, or I don’t make art so why would I be interested?’ Those are the main people I would suggest to come to these events,” he said. “Just support these types of hometown events … show tangible support.”

Along with Childs, dozens of vendors participated in the downtown Silver Spring event, selling handmade portraits, custom household accessories and even personalized clothing items. Richard Brown, owner of 3D Printing, set up a 3D printer at the fair to show residents how the process works, along with a few custom creations, including “Black Panther Wakanda-Inspired Lighted Calla Lily” for sale.

Silver Spring Arts Crafts Summer Fair 1Local residents attended the Silver Spring Arts and Crafts Summer Fair on Sunday.       PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZ  “I’m here to participate in the fair and show people 3D printing,” Brown said. Brown said many of the items he was selling at the fair he also sells online at Etsy – items like Christmas trees that light up, small dinosaurs, and currently the Wakanda Calla Lily.

“We wanted to create a “Pro-sumer” [combining the words “professional” plus “consumer”] business, in which we would develop, make, and sell products in our home, while continuing to buy other things like everyone else,” according to his company’s website.

Just a few stands over, Sharon Fox-Mould, owner of Artists and Makers Studios in Rockville, surrounded her display area with paintings and portraits created using different mediums such as watercolors, pastels and oil paints.

Fox-Mould, who has been painting for “too long, 20 or more years,” explained why she attended the Arts and Crafts Fair.

“A lot of times, art gets unseen,” she said. “Art is not seen a lot in the community… It’s wonderful to come out and make sure that our art is seen.”

“Montgomery County has a lot of artists, and we are all very active and ready and willing to show our art,” she added.

When asked how she personally feels about events like this for the community, Fox-Mould responded that they showcase the artists, integrate them, and show how multicultural Montgomery County is.

“This festival sort of shows the different aspects of the cultural experience,” said Fox-Mould. “That’s what I like… It has a cultural background, and this kind of festival allows me to share that.”



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