G.O.P. candidates debate for D-8

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SILVER SPRING – Republican candidates for the 8th U.S. Congressional District focused heavily on health care reform at a forum at Leisure World on Monday.

Shelton Skolnick, a Montgomery County attorney, Aryeh Shudofsky and Gus Alzona came together to discuss the issues they would focus on if elected.


Racism and political correctness

As a political observer, I am thoroughly convinced that a Donald Trump nomination as the 2016 Republican candidate for president will very likely result in both a landslide victory for Democrats in keeping the White House and a retaking of the Senate. It could even result in drawing enough Democrats to the polls to give them an outside chance of retaking the House of Representatives. From a Democrat standpoint, therefore, a Donald Trump candidacy would be a welcomed event; from an American standpoint, having a blatant racist at the top of the ticket of one of our two major parties, it would be an affront to every ideal for which this nation stands.

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