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Newton To Run For Rockville Mayor; Marcuccio Bows Out

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Published on: Thursday, August 01, 2013

By Holden Wilen

ROCKVILLE – Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio is out after two terms and after as many terms on the city council, Bridget Donnell Newton will formally announce her candidacy for mayor Thursday evening at Visarts in Rockville Town Center.

“I want to work hard for Rockville,” Newton told The Sentinel. “I have a vision and I want to get everyone in the city working hard together.”

Marcuccio said she will support Newton’s efforts to succeed her as mayor.

“I did my best in the four years I was there,” Marcuccio told The Sentinel. “Hopefully I leave the city better than I found it. I have high hopes for Bridget (Newton). Rockville is a very special place.”

Newton said she started thinking about running for mayor in the winter but wanted to wait to make her final decision because she wanted to minimize the amount of campaigning she would do so it would not conflict with her responsibilities as a councilwoman.

“August 1 is a pivotal day because that is when people start thinking about fall,” Newton said. “August is a great time for people to juice up and rev up.”

The campaign will be a grassroots campaign, Newton said, and she will not accept money from developers. One of the things she hopes to do during her campaign is host picnics in parks to meet with voters.

A Rockville resident since 1981, Newton is serving her second term on the council after originally being elected in 2009. Newton’s experience includes volunteering on the West End Citizen’s Association and the Rockville Compensation Commission. She has also served as the president of the Montgomery County Chapter of the Maryland Municipal League since 2011 and been a board member since 2011.

Newton said she is choosing to run for election as mayor instead of reelection as a councilmember because she wants to reenergize the city. Newton said her years of service to the city show her dedication to helping the city reach its full potential.  Her vision for the city includes a mayor and council that work together to solve problems instead of arguing with one another. She also wants to erase the opinion of some city residents that the governmental body is inefficient.

“It saddens me if people think Rockville is a joke,” Newton said. “I think we can do better. There is a way of having conversations without being disagreeable. There is an opportunity for some real change in the city.”

Earlier this year, members of the “Team Rockville” slate announced their intentions to run for office, including councilman Mark Pierzchala, who Newton will compete against in the mayoral election, and Tom Moore, who will seek reelection as a councilman.

Newton said she will not be running with a slate. Though it will be a challenge to run against a team of five people, she said it is a challenge to which she looks forward

If elected mayor, Newton said she hopes to have a stronger relationship with City Manager Barbara Matthews while also holding her accountable to the mayor and council. Additionally, she said she would like to see some changes implemented from the Saul Ewing report. A new personnel policy needs to be put into place she said, and she wants new directors for the human resources department and recreation and parks department hired sooner rather than later.

As for her chances in winning the election this fall, Newton said she is an optimist and, as such, is confident she will run a successful campaign.

“I am a believer in possibilities,” Newton said. “If there is a way to get something done, I will get it done.”

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Posted By: Resident On: 8/2/2013

Title: Act Now

Bridget, act now. Start working on your vision today. Don’t wait until after the election to prove you care. Show the residents and employees that you care about city management and city funds. Read the Saul Ewing report … listen to the employees and the residents … investigate hidden/wasted expenditures of taxpayers’ money … improve Rockville’s “joke” reputation … give Rockville back to the residents and employees who made Rockville an All-American City.

Posted By: ROCKVILLE VOTER On: 8/2/2013


After four years of the Marcuccio debacle as Mayor, and her own two terms as a council member, Bridget Newton is not the answer to Rockville's problems. If she wanted to make changes based on the Saul Ewing report, why didn't she insist on reading it instead of going along with the rest of the council who for whatever reason that I cannot fathom made all kinds of excuses not to read the report. As for her comment "There is a way of having conversations without being disagreeable" she also contributed to the disfunction of the current council .


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