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O’Malley budget gets preliminary approval

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Published on: Thursday, March 21, 2013

Donna Broadway

ANNAPOLIS - Governor O’Malley’s $36.8 billion fy2014 operating budget has passed preliminary approval in the House of Delegates and the Senate. The budget is a $1.5 billion increase over last year’s operating budget.

“This is a good budget and it’s the most balanced budget we’ve seen recently. We have enhanced funding to programs and are increasing fund bills,” said Senator Roger Manno (D-19)

The budget includes $21.5 million to complete the final section of the ICC which is scheduled to open in spring 2014, funding for a new interchange at Georgia Avenue and Randolph Road, $7 billion dollars for Medicare, three percent cost of adjustment living for state employees and a merit raise,  nearly three million for independent living houses, nearly five million for renovations to the Germantown Bioscience Education Center  and the Montgomery Rockville Science West Building Renovation, $66,000 for Griffith Park playground improvements, $100,000 for Sandy Spring Odd Fellows Lodge Renovation, over 20 million for school construction in Montgomery County, and a $1.3 million grant to Holy Cross Hospital, as well as a $1.1 billion reserve fund to offset any federal budget cuts.

“There is increased money for the school, which is always a biggie for us, putting almost 6 billion wide so the money for the school system. There is also $300 million for school construction. The transportation money is up in the air until we see what happens to the gas tax, which is on the floor right now,” said Delegate Charles Barkley (D-39)

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