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Penalty: Encroachment

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Published on: Thursday, September 26, 2013

By Donna Broadway

STEPHENTOWN, N.Y. - Former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams Brian Holloway is calling for reparations from over 300 teens, who he says trashed his upstate New York home and caused $20,000 worth of damage. Holloway says the teens also stole property.

Holloway, who graduated from Winston Churchill High School in 1977, said it was Labor Day weekend when his sons Brian Jr. and Max saw acquaintances tweeting about a party in their hometown. The party was at the Holloway’s home.

The Holloways were in Lutz, Fla., where they have lived since 2007, while the party was happening. Theresa Holloway, Brian Holloway’s wife, said the family watched in horror as these teens posted updates about the party on Twitter. The Holloways said the teens were tweeting about drugs, alcohol, sex and girls.

“There were 10 of us in this family, eight children, and there were 10 of us who grew up in this house in New York, so this isn’t something that just affected our dad. This was something that affected us,” said Brittany Holloway, Brian Holloway’s oldest daughter. “We are completely upset and mad that these kids would do this. These kids knew us and our family and grew up with our brother and played on the same sports team as him and went to the same high school and used to come over the house and hang out. It’s mind boggling. That is what put the icing on the cake. It wasn’t some kids who broke into the house, they planned this.”

Brian Holloway posted the pictures from the party on his website He also posted pictures of the damage to the home including spray paint, broken glass and graffiti saying “8/31/13.” Several parents of the teens alleged to have participated in the party are considering legal action as the website defames their children and is causing severe anxiety and depression due to the legal attention, according to Holloway. Neighbors also say the home was already damaged before the party. The New York home is set to go into a foreclosure sale on Oct. 29, 2013.

“This is not about how much damage was done, we can fix that. It is not about the stuff that was stolen, we can fix that. It’s not about the last two years in negotiations, we can fix that. The only significant thing is about the lives of these children… We want them to have a lesson from this. They broke into the house and did some dangerous things and put a lot of their classmate’s lives in harm’s way,” Holloway said.

Holloway said four of the 300 teens attended a clean up with military and veterans at the home on Sept. 22, 2013.

Holloway has not pressed charges against the teens. Yvonne Keefe of the Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office said the county was investigating and the office believes there were 200 to 400 people at the party. The county has not filed charges against the teenagers.

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Posted By: mark On: 9/27/2013


I think you need to update this article. 6 Teens have been arrested and Holloway now changed his mind and says he is pressing charges on hundreds of teens, essentially anybody and everybody who was at the party. Good job "saving" these kids who just thought they were at someone's house party not knowing the house was broken into, and now leaving them with criminal records and ruining their future. There are also pictures of Holloways house online ( )from when he had the home for sale, which show the carpet was already heavily stained and needed replacement and all the graffiti was already there!! Holloway is just trying to exaggerate the damages to raise money for himself!


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