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It’s official: Perez nominated for labor secretary

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Published on: Thursday, March 21, 2013

By Donna Broadway

WASHINGTON D.C. - After a week of speculation, President Obama announced Tom Perez’s nomination as Secretary of Labor.

In a press conference held Monday at the White House, President Obama praised Perez’s accomplishments.  

“Like so many Americans, Tom knows what it’s like to climb the ladder of opportunity. He is the son of Dominican immigrants. He helped pay his way through college as a garbage collector and working at a warehouse. He went on to become the first lawyer in his family. His story reminds us of this country’s promise. If you're willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, what your last name is, you can make it if you try. Tom's made protecting that promise for everybody the cause of his life," said President Obama.

Perez who currently serves as the head of the civil rights division of the Department of Justice is best known in Montgomery County as a former 5th district councilman, former head of CASA De Maryland, and former law professor at University of Maryland.  Perez served as the Maryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation from 2007-2009.

Councilman Phil Andrews served with Perez from 2002-2006.

“Tom Perez is an extremely smart and able person who was an excellent member of the county council and I am sure he will do very well in whatever position he was nominated for whether it is secretary of labor or something else.”

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