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Police give holiday shopping tips

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Published on: Thursday, December 06, 2012

By Daryl Buchanan

MONTGOMERY COUNTY- While many across the county are getting into the holiday spirit, others recognize this time of year as when opportunity for crime are at their highest. The Montgomery County Police have released their list of safety tips.

To bolster security county police will hold their annual “Shop with a Cop” campaign. Shoppers will see officers patrolling retail areas providing extra security in and around high traffic areas. However, officers are reminding residents and shoppers to keep the following in mind during the holiday shopping season.

While shopping:

•    Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings

•    Park in well lit parking lots and park as close to the store as possible

•    Lock all doors and keep packages hidden under seats or in the trunk

•    Do not carry large amounts of cash.

•    Make frequent trips to your car to prevent carrying a large number of bags

•    Purses should be kept closed and close to the body

•    Wallets should be kept in front pants pockets or an inside coat pocket

When out walking:

•    Be alert of the surroundings

•    Walk with confidence and know where you’re going

•    Trust your instincts in uncomfortable situations

•    Stick to well lit and well traveled streets. Avoid shortcuts through risky areas

•    Do not flash money, jewelry, or expensive items

•    Have your house or car key ready before you reach the door

•    If you think you are being followed  go to the other side of the street and walk towards an open store or occupied business

At home:

•    Do not display gifts near windows

•    Keep all doors and windows locked

•    If you are leaving town have a neighbor keep an eye on your home and collect your mail

•    If possible place lights on timers to give the appearance someone is home

•    After holidays break down boxes so a potential burglar does not know your house has expensive new items such as a computer, television, or video game system

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