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Trump Inauguration 9Attendees at the Inauguration of Donald Trump. PHOTO BY MARK POETKER  

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NIH study reveals decline in teenage drug use

BETHESDA – Teen drug use has declined for all substances since 2015, according to a new study by the National Institutes of Health.

“What we are seeing this year, which we saw last year, is significant decreases in the patterns of illicit substances across all ages,” said Nora Volkov, director of NIH’s National Institute of Drug Abuse.

The study surveyed eighth-, 10th- and 12th-graders in public schools across the contiguous United States on the use and consumption of a variety of substances including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs.


NIH study finds increased death risk for non-frequent smokers

BETHESDA – Even smokers who use fewer than 10 cigarettes per day, or low-frequency smokers, are at a higher risk of death than nonsmokers, according to a new study from the National Institutes of Health.

“Our findings indicated that even smoking less than one cigarette per day increased the risk of dying and any smoker, regardless of how few cigarettes they smoke, can benefit from quitting,” said Maki Inoue-Choi, an epidemiologist at NIH’s National Cancer Institute who led the study.


Funds raised to help Israel recover from fires

New York, NY – As Israel recovers from devastating fires during November which destroyed 10,000 acres of land and forests, the charitable non-profit organization Jewish National Fund (JNF-USA) announced on Dec. 15 that it raised $6 million to help provide the nation new fire trucks and lifesaving equipment, and will work over the next several years to replenish thousands of lost trees through careful reforestation.


Progressives Rally

Raskin and Warren call for 'Resistance and Revival in Dark Times'

MPI JR-0192Incoming Congressman Jamie Raskin holds hands with Senator Elizabeth Warren in Silver Spring. PHOTO BY MARK POETKER  

SILVER SPRING – Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) rallied with progressives Wednesday at the Silver Spring Civic Center, urging them to “fight for the people who sent us here” during a fundraiser for Rep.-elect Jamie Raskin (D-8).

“We are not the minority party, we are the opposition party,” said Warren to a packed crowd of several hundred people.


In farewell, Mikulski urges bipartisanship and a warning

Barbara Mikulski at DNCRetiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski addresses the audience earlier this year at the Democratic National Convention. FILE PHOTO  

WASHINGTON - Since the 1990s, Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski has periodically organized dinners with the rest of the women in the Senate, no matter the party affiliation.

The women call these dinners their “zone of civility,” in which they talk about things ranging from their personal lives to political matters. Everything is off the record, their mantra being “no staff, no memos, and no leaks."

During her farewell remarks Wednesday, which she called a "summing up" speech, Democrat Mikulski recalled the first time Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican, reached out to work together. Both women’s staff responded negatively.

“‘Ew, she wants to work with you on something,’” Mikulski recalled her staff saying. “‘She’s a conservative from Texas and she wants to do something for women.’”

To which Mikulski responded, “How about if we listen?”


Van Hollen tapped for leadership role

Chris-van-hollenSen.-elect Chris Van Hollen (D) FILE PHOTOLast week, the Senate Democratic caucus elected Sen.-elect Chris Van Hollen (D) to lead the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) during the 2018 midterm election.

The DSCC recruits candidates to run for the Senate, contributes money and services to their campaigns, and runs independent expenditures supporting those candidates.

Van Hollen, a Kensington resident who serves as the ranking member of Budget Committee in the House of Representatives, will also receive a spot on the Senate Appropriations Committee as a member of the Democratic leadership.

The seat will allow him to influence how senators craft spending bills originating in the committee.

In a statement, he said, "Democrats in the Senate are the last line of defense between President-elect (Donald) Trump and Washington Republicans, and so many of the values and priorities that Americans hold dear,” said Van Hollen. “I look forward to getting to work right away to defend American values, as well as fighting for my home state of Maryland by taking up Senator (Barbara) Mikulski's mantle on the Senate Appropriations Committee."


Zika vaccine trials begin at Walter Reed

The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center began human trials for a Zika vaccine Nov. 7 with more trials set to come at other locations.

The National Institutes of Health, the Center for Vaccine Development at Saint Louis University and Ponce Health Sciences University in Puerto Rico are partnering with Walter Reed during the development and trials of the vaccine.

The trials at NIH are set to begin later this year with trials in Puerto Rico and St. Louis starting next year.

“We don’t know whether or not Zika is going to become endemic in certain parts of the world such as South America or South East Asia,” said Anthony Fauci, Director of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). “A vaccine can be used to contain an outbreak and to administer to an entire population to protect childbearing mothers.”


NIH expands partnership to combat Ebola

BETHESDA – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched a program to expand partnerships between United States and West African universities to combat the Ebola virus and mitigate the next outbreak.

The initiative comes from NIH’s Fogerty International Center, which will fund programs to better prepare the region for future outbreaks.

Participating institutions include, Duke, Yale, Vanderbilt, the University of Liberia, and Sierra Leone’s College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences.

“We support research and research training activities in low- and middle-income countries through a number of programs, including the recent awards to support planning to develop research training programs in Sierra Leone and Liberia,” said Ann Puderbaugh, a spokesperson for Fogerty Center.


NIH pushes forward on nutritional taskforce

BETHESDA – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) formed a task force last week to outline the agenda for nutrition research.

The Nutrition Research Task Force (NRTF) comes from the NIH's National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) as a means of developing a multidisciplinary integrated approach to nutritional research.

“We started to look for ways to integrate and coordinate nutritional research across the field,” said Dr. Christopher Lynch, director of NIDDK’s Office of Nutritional Research who also serves as the spokesperson for the task force.