Executive Office Building construction to be completed in time for elections

A project to fix the Judicial Center Traffic Circle at the Executive Office Building in Rockville will be completed in time for the 2016 general election according to Hamid Omidvar, chief of the Division of Building Design and Construction for Montgomery County.

According to the description of the project on the County website, the project was originally scheduled to be finished in September, but is now expected to be completed in November. Omidvar said the goal is to finish the project before the November general election as the Executive Office Building is scheduled to be used as an early voting site.

Construction on the traffic circle at 101 Monroe Street in Rockville began in May of 2015 after safety issues to the drive’s structure were discovered.

“It’s suffered the wears and tears of weather,” said David Dise, the director of General Services (DGS) for the County.

Access to the traffic circle, including the Monroe Street entrance to the Montgomery County Circuit Court, has been closed as the circle’s support structure is demolished, reinforced and reconstructed.

Dise said the concrete on the circle was old and had deteriorated, and that the construction project is needed to repair it.

“We were seeing signs of water going through the cracks and coming down into the lobby, into the loading dock,” Omidvar said.

The entire planning, design and construction of the project cost $5 million, according to Omidvar.

The construction project is complicated by the fact that the traffic circle sits on top of a loading dock as well as the shops and stores located beneath the County Executive building

“What that really is, is it’s less of street and more of a roof,” Dise said. “There is a road underneath, and in fact the loading docks and service delivery to all of the buildings, the Circuit Court, the County office building, as well as the shops and stores comes off of Truck Street which goes underneath Monroe and underneath the circle.”


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