County construction will finish after election

ROCKVILLE – A construction project to repair structural decay to the Executive Office Building is scheduled to finish by Nov. 15, 12 days after voters finish casting early ballots at 101 Monroe Street.

Project manager Randall Hawkins said construction was previously scheduled to wrap up in September after starting in May 2015.

County officials scheduled repairs after discovered deterioration within the building's traffic circle.

The repairs were prompted by “life safety and structural” concerns to the building and that an immediate repair was needed to fix it, said Hawkins.

While the traffic circle on the building’s Monroe Street entrance is being resurfaced, the traffic circle also serves as a roof for a below ground loading dock and the shops and stores that sit below the Executive Office Building and Circuit Court.

Hawkins said the project has taken a long time to complete because much of the construction can only be done in the evenings after the connected Montgomery County Circuit Court is closed. He said much of the construction is limited from 6 to 11 p.m.

Hawkins admitted the construction seems like it has been going on for an “awful long time,” but said the limited work time frame and weather delays have limited the ability of repair crews to complete the project.

“There’s always rain and those kind of things that can affect it,” Hawkins said.

David Dise, the director of General Services (DGS) for the County, said the building’s deterioration is from wear and tear from the weather.

The County Council budgeted $5,024,000 for planning, construction and site improvements and utilities for the building.

Hawkins said the project is still under-budget.

Hamid Omidvar, chief of the Division of Building Design and Construction for Montgomery County, previously said he anticipated the project would be finished before the general election Nov. 8.

Early voting at the Executive Office Building runs from Oct. 27 through Nov. 3.

Omidvar did not respond to calls for comment about when the project will be finished.



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