Controversial statue defaced for second time Featured

20170509 190318The controversial Civil War statue in Rockville was hidden behind a gray wooden box, after vandals painted it. Now they got the box. PHOTO BY KATHLEEN STUBBS  ROCKVILLE – A wooden box encasing the Confederate statue located outside the Red Brick Courthouse did not deter someone from writing a second message related to the memorial.

By 7 p.m. Tuesday, someone had written the word “SAD!” in neon orange spray paint across the front of the box.

The County decided in March to have the statue moved to White’s Ferry in Dickerson, but it first had to take bids for transporting the memorial.

On the base of the statue depicting a Confederate cavalryman, the inscription reads “To Our Heroes of Montgomery County Maryland: That We Through Life May Not Forget to Love the Thin Gray Line.”

Nearly two years ago, an unknown individual spray-painted the message “Black Lives Matter” in black paint and other writing in red on the base of the statue. The county had the base of the statue cleaned, sealed in a protective coating and boxed to protect it from additional graffiti.

City Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton called the new paint job “sad” but said things could have been worse.

“I am relieved that it’s on the box and not on the statue itself, which is why it had to have a box in the first place,” Newton said Tuesday night.

She said that though no one painted the statue, the painter still defaced public property.

“It’s unfortunate that people express their frustration and anger in that manner,” Newton said.


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