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States Atty John McCarthy on Tordil sentencingState’s Attorney for Montgomery County John McCarthy after Eulalio Tordil's sentencing.  PHOTO BY NEAL EARLEY  ROCKVILLE – Eulalio Sevilla Tordil, who pleaded guilty in June to the murders of Malcom “Mike” Winffel and Claudina Molina as part of a two-day shooting spree at Montgomery Mall and Aspen Hill Shopping Center, was sentenced to life in prison without parole Friday.

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Sharon V. Burrell sentenced Tordil, a former police officer with the Federal Protective Services, to four separate life sentences for the murders of Winffel and Molina and the attempted murders of Carl Unger and Bolormaa Baljinnyam.

“He’ll die in jail; he will never walk the streets again,” said State’s Attorney for Montgomery County John McCarthy.

Eulalio Tordil MCPEulalio Tordil.   FILE PHOTO  McCarthy said Tordil’s two-day killing spree began May 5, 2016 after he murdered his estranged wife Gladys Tordil and shot someone who tried to intervene at High Point High School in Beltsville where she worked. Tordil then fled and the next day proceeded to shoot Winffel, Unger and Baljinnyam in the parking lot outside of the food court at Montgomery Mall in Bethesda as Tordil attempted to steal Baljinnyam’s car.

“Mike was a hero in spite of you, not because of you,” said Winffel’s widow Norma Winffel.

Tordil then fled to the Aspen Hill Shopping Center where he attempted to steal Molina’s car. Tordil was forced to flee after shooting Molina, who pulled Tordil’s glasses off before she died from multiple gunshot wounds. Tordil then proceeded to dine at a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts and the same Boston Market restaurant where D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad ate in 2002. Upon exiting the restaurant and getting into his car, Tordil was surrounded and arrested by Montgomery County police without further incident.

Tordil’s attorney Theresa Chernosky said her client was in a “downward spiral” after a temporary restraining order a judge placed on him to keep him away from his wife and stepchildren, and told the court that Tordil should not be judged solely for the two days in May 2016 when he committed the murders.

Tordil will be sentenced in September in Prince George’s County Circuit Court after also pleading guilty to the murder of his wife.



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