Local school steps up art program

A private elementary school in Rockville is partnering with an international organization to modify its art program.

Caroline Chapin, Christ Episcopal School’s Head of School, signed a partnership agreement with and Moses Wang, founding president of YMM Art Education International Group, June 23 to bring YMM Art Space to the school in September.

“I am thrilled that CES is going to provide its students with the opportunity to experience art education through this new partnership with YMM Art Space,” Chapin said. “It is yet another step CES is taking to bring new and innovative learning experiences while embracing the multicultural world in which we live.”

CESummer! campers and administrators from the school and YMM Art Education International Group attended the signing.

Back in 2015, Chapin attended a China-U.S. International Art Education Forum in China and visited multiple centers of the organization, beginning a relationship that would later become a partnership. A group of YMM Art educators then traveled from China to visit Christ Episcopal School the following year, so the educators could learn about the school’s emphasis on the arts and incorporation of art into the curriculum of each grade level.

Wang said he believes the YMM Art’s and Christ Episcopal School’s philosophies share similarities in placement of art education in curricula. He said he believes the outcome of the partnership will be productive.

“CES has a profoundly impressive history and a unique academic program. CES’s Head of School, Dr. Caroline Chapin, has accomplished much in her seven years as CES Head and has unique insights into best educational practices for today’s students. I strongly agree with her educational philosophy,” Wang said. “YMM is committed to early art education, and much of its program coincides with CES’s emphasis on art education.”

According to Christ Episcopal School, adding an art program with a focus such as YMM Art Education International Group’s will further improve the quality of education and extracurricular activities it offers.

“The group’s mission is to foster imagination and creativity for the advancement of human society,” according to Christ Episcopal school.

YMM Art has branches in Washington, D.C.; Toronto; Paris; Beijing; Shanghai; Shenzen and Taiwan.

Christ Episcopal school has been “refreshing” its art studio and gallery spaces and having them painted bright colors, in accordance with YMM Art Space specifications. The spaces will be ready in time for the 2017-2018 school year.



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