Pedestrian killed after police car collision

Policelights 1A 74-year-old Kensington man was killed Wednesday evening after being struck by an unmarked police cruiser as he attempted to cross Veirs Mill Road on a Sunra motor scooter.

Officer Robert Farmer, an eight-year veteran of Montgomery County Police, was on duty at the time of the collision. He has been placed on mandatory administrative leave while an investigation is conducted. 

The victim, Loreto Andal Canubas of Dewey Road, was entering the eastbound lanes of Veirs Mill Road at approximately 9:45 p.m. after crossing westbound Veirs Mill Road, coming from Monterrey Drive. 

Montgomery County Police spokesperson Capt. Paul Starks said lighting conditions were poor.

"There was no lighting," Starks said. 

An alcohol sobriety test was not administered on Farmer following the accident.  

"Two police captains and internal affairs were on the scene," Starks said. "There is nothing to indicate the officer was drinking."

Police could not say where Farmer was heading at the time of the collision.



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