Radio host joins County Council at-large race

Sports radio personality and producer Steve Solomon is one of the latest to join the field of 30 at-large Montgomery County Council candidates.

Solomon, a County native who grew up in Wheaton, Silver Spring and Bethesda, said he launched his campaign on what he calls an everyman platform which includes the culling of the County’s deer population, speeding up the construction of County infrastructure projects and supporting County Fire and Rescue.

“My platform is based on me not being a politician, I’m an everyman and a regular middle class guy,” Solomon said.

Currently Solomon works as a producer on ESPN 980’s “The Steve Czaban Show” and co-host of a morning sports radio show with SB Nation. Solomon said he plans to use his platform on the radio to promote his candidacy for County Council saying he talked about it with local and state election officials that gave him the go-ahead to use his platform on terrestrial radio to promote his campaign.

In addition to his “everyman issues,” Solomon was critical of the Council’s budget, after County officials announced in November there was a $120 million revenue shortfall for the current fiscal year.

“That is inexcusable and I think everyone on that council should share some of the blame for that – for allowing that to happen,” he said.


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