MoCo residents celebrate Easter in Silver Spring

Children prepare to take part in a sack race as part of the Easter celebration in Downtown Silver Spring on Saturday.  PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZChildren prepare to take part in a sack race as part of the Easter celebration in Downtown Silver Spring on Saturday. PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZ  SILVER SPRING — Although Peter Cottontail did not make an appearance, Easter in Montgomery County was still full of surprises this weekend as residents enjoyed a variety of events in Silver Spring.

Children of all ages got a chance to enjoy an Easter egg hunt, sack race, egg spoon race, and scavenger hunt at the Civic Building in Downtown Silver Spring Saturday morning. The event hosted by Jesus House DC, a church also located in Silver Spring, was made to bring the community together and celebrate the holiday with one another.

“We are really do this to give hope to the community, to encourage people [to come to the event] especially since Easter is tomorrow we just wanted to reach out,” said Joel Olujide, 17, a volunteer during the Easter celebration.

Olujide’s mother Chinyere Olujide, an associate pastor at Jesus House who organized the Easter event, said over 700 people registered online to participate. Olujide also said the prizes given at the event included gift cards donated by Chick-fil-A, Dave & Busters, Cooper Canyon Grill, 50 free quarter legs from Nando’s Perri Perri, and tickets to the nearby ice skating ring.

Children of all ages participated in various types of arts and crafts at the Silver Spring Easter celebration.  PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZChildren of all ages participated in creating various types of arts and crafts at the Easter celebration. PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZ  “The prizes are from our partners here in the community; we are calling them partners because what we just basically did was we asked them to give us free stuff from them that they don’t mind sharing with the community and we used them as prizes,” said Olujide.

Olujide said the main reason for the Easter celebration is to show their love for the residents and for people to understand the meaning behind the holiday.

“The main reason was just to bring fun to the community and to celebrate Easter and to share the love of Christ in our community and just to have families come out and have fun with us,” said Olujide. “We just hope that this brings awareness to who Jesus Christ is and for them just to know that we care about them and want to have fun with them,” she said.

As the children continued to fill their baskets with eggs, dance to the live music playing, and color cartoon theme pages, parents were found not too far enjoying themselves as well. Parents traveled from different sections of Montgomery County solely for their children to come celebrate Easter at the Civic Building.

“We just wanted to participate with the community and do an egg hunt with my daughter and for her to learn about the season of Easter,” said Candice Gibson, 31, of Burtonsville along with her two-year-old daughter. “Today’s event was great,” said Gibson. “It’s a lot of people here, a lot of people just in the spirit of the season so it was very nice and she enjoyed finding her eggs. It’s just a really nice event they have going on.”

Parents and children gather in Downtown Silver Spring for the Easter celebration.  PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZParents and children gather in Silver Spring to take part in Saturday's Easter celebration. PHOTO BY ABBY CRUZ  Even adults who did not have children found time to celebrate Easter at the Civic Building. Babajide Adepoju-Ace, 29, was dancing with his friend’s daughter during the Easter egg hunt and said that was not the only reason he showed up.

“We are here because of Jesus, we are here because of Easter, the death of Christ and the resurrection of Christ, we are just here to have fun, pick some eggs, and enjoy the moment!” said Adepoju-Ace.

When asked if he felt if the event was good for Montgomery County, Adepoju-Ace said “Well it’s good for everyone because it doesn’t matter where you are or where you are from. We are here to bring everyone together to have fun regardless of who you are, your color, your race or whatever. We’re just here to have fun.”



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