Metro suspends service along Red Line section for repairs Featured

metro logoWashington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority officials suspended service between Red Line Metro stations Gallery Place and Farragut North on Thursday morning due to electrical arcing on the support, or insulator, of the power source third rail, a spokesperson said.

“It was an arcing insulator outside Farragut North,” WMATA Spokesperson Sherri Ly wrote. “The defective insulator was removed and service restored."

Metro suspended service along that section of the Red Line for 30 minutes. Employees had to remove the faulty part before trains could resume service between the stations, Ly said.

Some Red Line riders had to wait on their train in a tunnel until service resumed.

Ly confirmed a train was stopped in a tunnel near the arcing insulator.
Meanwhile, Metro advised riders through MetroAlerts they could board buses near Metro Center at 11th Street and G Street.

Metro officials have said an arcing insulator may involve smoke or sparks.

According to the alerts, Red Line riders continued to experience delays until 11:54 a.m. Thursday.



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