Takoma Park corrects boundaries at former Adventist School

takoma park logoTAKOMA PARK — As the Potomac Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church prepares to sell the former John Nevins Andrews School property, the Takoma Park City Council discovered discrepancies in the boundaries surrounding the parcel.

The former school building, located at 117 Elm Avenue, occupies a 123,425-square foot property adjacent to the City-owned Spring Park. Prior to Wednesday’s meeting, City Manager Suzanne Ludlow explained, the City discovered that a 11,296-square foot portion, consisting of two separate tracts of the former school’s parking lot, was located on City-owned land.

An asphalt pedestrian trail surrounds the property on three sides.

“As it was being considered to be purchased, there was investigative work being done … and the investigation of the land records showed that there was a discrepancy,” Ludlow said during the meeting. “There were records that did not conform to what everyone thought the boundaries were of the school property and the Spring Park property.”

Ludlow explained that the discrepancy would have to be resolved through a formal land transfer.

The proposed transfer would allow the Seventh Day Adventist Church to take over the two portions currently belonging to the City, while a portion containing a section of the asphalt pedestrian trail would be transferred to the City.

Council member Terry Seamens (Ward 4) noted the land transfer was “different” from any Council resolutions regarding the purchaser or future owner of the property. 

The Potomac Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church operated the John Nevins Andrews School on the site from 1938 to 2017. CentroNia, a day-care service provider in the County, is currently contracted to purchase the property.


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