More delays on Metro Red Line due to track repairs this weekend and later in July Featured

metro logoMetro will single-track Red Line trains this weekend to allow for track repairs.

Riders can expect delays to service because of the single-tracking Red Line trains Saturday and Sunday. Workers are scheduled to replace broken pieces of rail, rail fasteners and coverboards for the power-source third rail. Trains will single-track between Grosvenor and Twinbrook stations, also impacting White Flint station.

Starting July 21, buses will replace trains on a separate Red Line segment for 45 days, through Sept. 3. The project requires the continuous shutdown of Rhode Island Avenue and Brookland-CUA stations.

Red Line riders can switch to the Green Line to avoid taking a shuttle bus – changing trains at Fort Totten station and then at Gallery Place-Chinatown station, or vice versa.

In August 2016, Metro management ordered two emergency shutdowns at Rhode Island Avenue station in one weekend after riders reported concrete and a metal bracket falling from the ceiling, and then concrete falling from another part of the ceiling 40 feet away. Outside engineers then visually inspected the station, and workers repaired the structure. Crews installed nets to the station ceilings and a bus shelter to catch debris that might fall.

The emergency shutdowns happened during SafeTrack, the year of long-term maintenance and repairs.

Metro management added work on the station to a subsequent long-term project, or “safety surge,” during SafeTrack. Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said during a press conference preceding the safety surge that additional debris that fell from the ceiling was caught by the nets.

Blue, Orange, and Silver Line riders will see reduced service Aug. 11 through Aug. 26, while trains continuously single-track in a segment for a 10-day period. Workers will replace pieces of rail and rail fasteners and repair concrete pads under the rails, according to a news release. Trains will operate on a single track between Smithsonian and McPherson Square stations, where the track is curved. Metro communications will distribute more detailed service information closer to the start of the project.



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