Former Sentinel reporter makes history

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With election win, Danica Roem becomes first openly transgender legislator to serve anywhere in the U.S.

Danica Roem photoDanica Roem after winning three MDDC awards for the Sentinel.                                        FILE PHOTO  The experience and knowledge Virginia Delegate-Elect (and former Montgomery County Sentinel News Editor) Danica Roem (D) gained while covering local politics in Montgomery County proved invaluable to her winning effort in Tuesday’s election, Roem told the Sentinel during an interview the morning after her historic victory, which will make her the first openly transgender individual to serve in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

“When I was news editor of the Montgomery County Sentinel, I was part of a team that did a five-part series on water infrastructure, and I talked a lot about that series,” Roem said. “I talked about water infrastructure a lot on this campaign.”

Such issues might be boring – “the kind of stuff that makes reporters zone out” – but are extremely important, she said. “You’ve gotta take care of your infrastructure.”


Russian radio finds a home in MoCo

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Sputnik logoIt’s not Tokyo Rose, but a news agency funded by the Russian government is coming soon to a radio station near you.

Sputnik, a Russian news agency funded by the Russian government, will soon begin radio broadcasting at 105.5 FM on the radio dial in the D.C. market. The news agency said in a press release that it will broadcast its talk shows, news programs and financial analysis shows 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Andrew Feinberg, a former White House correspondent for Sputnik, said his former employer is a propaganda outlet, and that the programs that they broadcast over the radio will be exclusively opinion without news. Feinberg left Sputnik in May, saying the outlet did not let him report independently.

“The casual channel-surfer, dial-twister, is not necessarily going to know that this is propaganda funded by a foreign government,” Feinberg said.

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