Give Peace a Chance


lennonThe man who sang “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance,” would’ve been 75-years-old this week.
Instead, a crazed man with a gun shot him down in front of the Dakota in Manhattan on December 8, 1980.
I was 19.
In the 35 years since someone shot and killed John Lennon this country has become more divided, seemingly more violent and definitely more intolerant.
Someone running for President recently spoke against the idea of a Muslim becoming President.
It should be lost on none of us that the man who said this is an African American doctor and until recently many said the same thing about a Black man running for President as he said about a Muslim running for that office.
Nor should it be forgotten that the same thing was once said about John F. Kennedy being President as he was a Catholic.


Take the last postcard from Nakhchivan again

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C. A cave outside the city of Nakhchivan where ten children nappedThanks for putting down your mesmerizing smart phone and picking up a real live print newspaper.  Today I will continue last month’s story about the little-known exclave of Azerbaijan known as Nakhchivan, which is southwest of Armenia, east of Turkey, and north of Iran. 

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