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“Anti-Semitic Threats”

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Community Center evacuated while couple receives hate mail

Anti-Semitic Letter 2A letter with this star and “Jude” were found on a Rockville couple’s windshield. COURTESY PHOTO  

ROCKVILLE – Law enforcement is investigating two anti-Semitic crimes this week after a Jewish community center received a bomb threat and a couple received an angry letter after displaying a Black Lives Matter banner.

The bomb threat, which his being handled by Montgomery County police, was one of several across the country at Jewish community centers on Jan. 9.

Rockville Police said they are investigating after a Jewish couple who support Black Lives Matter saw their car defaced with eggs at the end of last week, had toilet paper hung from a tree outside their condominium and received a letter that called their support for the movement anti-white, anti-police and irritating.


Local couple receives anti-Semitic letter after displaying 'Black Lives Matter' banner

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Anti-Semitic LetterThis anti-Semitic letter was left on the windshield of a married couple who displayed a 'Black Lives Matter' banner outside their condominium. PHOTO COURTESY OF MIKEY FRANKLIN

ROCKVILLE -- Police said they are investigating crimes that targeted a married couple, which involved a letter with an anti-Semitic message, toilet paper on the tree outside their condominium and eggs on their vehicle which occurred between Friday and Saturday.


Where have you gone NRA?


NRA  Charlton Heston

Philando Castile of Minnesota had a permit to carry a gun, was pulled over by police for a routine traffic stop, advised the police officer of the fact that he had a firearm and a permit to carry it, obeyed all orders given him by the police officer and was in the process of retrieving his driver's license and registration when he was shot and killed by that police officer. From the video taken, the police officer seemed to be in such a panic one has to wonder why he chose law enforcement as a career.

Where is your outrage, NRA, about Philando's Second Amendment right to carry a firearm? Where is your outrage, NRA, about his being deprived of his right to carry that firearm and that he lost his life because he carried that firearm? Could the fact that Philando Castile was black have anything to do with you not being “up in arms” about his gun rights?


The matter of White Privilege


GODI tried to listen quietly as the woman on the phone berated me regarding privileged youths, indulging and sheltering our children and matters of racism.

It is on the issue of race where I began to chafe.

If you, as the woman on the phone do not believe there is such a thing as white privilege, then you are sadly and horribly mistaken.

The color of your skin affects the way everyone interacts with you. So does your religion, the way you dress, your gender, your socioeconomic standing, your job and your politics.

To ignore these facts is to be delusional.

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