Floreen gets the signatures

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Says she still won’t call herself a candidate for county executive until ratified

Nancy Floreen smiles as she turns in her petition signatures.  COURTESY PHOTONancy Floreen smiles as she turns in her petition signatures. COURTESY PHOTOGAITHERSBURG — At-large County Council member Nancy Floreen said she is waiting for her paperwork to be processed before she will call herself a candidate for County Executive.

The four-term member of the County Council surprised many after she announced she would switch her party affiliation from Democrat to independent and make a run for County Executive. While her candidacy is not official yet, that has not stopped Floreen from campaigning.

On Monday, Floreen invited members of the media to watch as she turned in a petition with 20,343 signatures, calling for her to be placed on the November ballot. The 20,343 signatures are significantly more than the roughly 7,000 signatures Floreen needs from Montgomery County voters, but the signatures still have to be verified by Montgomery County Board of Elections staff, before Floreen’s name can be placed on the ballot.

Floreen said she is running in part because she is concerned about economic growth in the County and that the Democratic candidate, Council member Marc Elrich, will not be able to accommodate the needs of businesses.

“We are going to create a culture of making businesses feel that they add some value to our community,” Floreen said. “That’s only part of it – just part of it – but if we want to support our incredible school system, our park system, what our employees need, we need a tax base that will allow us to do that.”


Holding three of a kind

MC DC Kill the Music Cancel the Victory Dance“Excellent Smithers. Release the hounds.”
Or, if you prefer, “The die is cast.”
New or ancient reference, the bottom line is there’s a three-way race now underway for County Council.
Marc Elrich, the Democrat is squared off against Republican Robin Ficker - the notorious gadlfy popular for a variety of things, including yelling at professional basketball players and getting a term limit measure leveled on county councilmembers.
That move alone has earned Ficker a huge following as county voters, unable to move themselves into a voting booth, can now rely on term limits to automatically kick out the best, the worst and the mediocre councilmembers after three consecutive terms.
Ficker hopes to turn his popularity into a trip to the County Executive’s chair and guess what? He has a better chance than most Republicans in this very blue county at getting the results he wants.
The reason is twofold. It isn’t just that voters love the idea of automatically kicking out the rascals.
One of those rascals, Nancy Floreen (a Democrat) has apparently obtained enough signatures to enter the race as an independent.


Floreen jumps into Exec race

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Nancy FloreenCouncil member Nancy Floreen. FILE PHOTO  More than a week after filing her intent to run, Montgomery County Council member Nancy Floreen has announced she will run as an independent for County Executive in a move local political watchers say could severely divide the Democratic vote in November.

Meanwhile, Republican Robin Ficker says he isn’t concerned if Floreen gets on the ballot – or not. “I think I will win whether or not she gets her signatures and gets on the ballot,” Ficker said.

While Floreen filed her paperwork to run last week, she said she only did so to meet the July 2 deadline, saying at the time in a statement she had yet to make up her mind as not all the votes had been counted in the Democratic Primary with no winner declared.

Now that fellow County Council member Marc Elrich is the unofficial winner of the Democratic Primary, Floreen announced Wednesday her intent to enter the race as an independent.

“I am a candidate for County Executive – unexpectedly, I admit – because it would be a terrible loss for this county to fall into the sort of polarized posturing that has poisoned our national Politics,” Floreen said in a statement. “That’s not my way. I want to get things done for all of us.”


Elrich, Ficker and Floreen

Elrich Ficker FloreenAnd so it’s over – or is it?
Councilman Marc Elrich apparently survived an attempt by local businessman Donald Trump, I mean David Trone, I mean David Blair to buy the Democratic nomination for county executive. By just 80 votes Elrich emerged victorious from this summer’s primary election only to face a cornucopia of challenges headed into the fall general election.


Elrich unofficial winner of Democratic Primary for County Executive

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County Councilman Marc Elrich with some of his supporters at his watch party on Primary Night.  PHOTO BY NICKOLAI SUKHAREVCounty Councilman Marc Elrich with some of his supporters at his watch party on Primary Night. PHOTO BY NICKOLAI SUKHAREV  With all ballots counted, Council member Marc Elrich is the unofficial winner of the Democratic Primary for Montgomery County Executive.

After days of vote counting, and a race that was too close to call on election night, Elrich edges businessman David Blair by just 80 votes after Montgomery County Board of Elections officials finished counting ballots late Sunday evening.

With all ballots counted, Elrich has 37,529 votes with 29.02 percent of the total count, while Blair came in second with 37,449 and 28.95 percent of the vote.


"Too Close to Call"

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Marc Elrich currently leads David Blair by only 149 votes for County Executive spot

County Executive candidates, left to right, Marc Elrich and David Blair speak to their supporters Tuesday night; the election results are still too close to call. PHOTOS BY NICKOLAI SUKHAREV AND GEORGE SMITH  County Executive candidates, left to right, Marc Elrich and David Blair speak to their supporters Tuesday night; the election results are still too close to call.         PHOTOS BY NICKOLAI SUKHAREV AND GEORGE SMITH  The Democratic Primary for Montgomery County Executive is too close to call.

County Council member Marc Elrich currently leads businessman David Blair by just under 150 votes, with 14,902 absentee ballots and 3,614 provisional ballots yet to be counted.

"I'm in a race against a guy who spent uncounted millions, a newspaper that strayed from reporting and just strictly made everything editorial and a group of developers that just spent a lot of money to make sure that I didn't get elected ... and it doesn't look like they've succeeded."

With all the votes from Election Day and early voting counted, Elrich currently has 36,117 votes to Blair’s 35,968 votes, but votes from absentee and provisional ballots have yet to be counted. The winner of the Democratic Primary will face Republican Robin Ficker, who ran unopposed in the Republican Primary in November’s General Election.


Up-County issues take center stage in Darnestown debate

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DARNESTOWN — With the June 26 primary closing in, candidates for County Executive continued their campaign tour to the up-County, this time making their pitch to voters in Darnestown.

While most of the County Executive forums have featured only the Democratic candidates running for office, the forum hosted by the Darnestown Civic Association included the County’s sole Republican candidate – Robin Ficker – as five of the candidates squared off to woo voters in one of the more rural parts of Montgomery County.


County Executive candidates make pitch to local Jewish voters

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With about five weeks to go before the Democratic Primary on June 26, the six Democratic candidates for County Executive have made their pitch to a wide variety of voter interests and constituent groups as they each tried to set him or herself apart in the field.

On Monday, Jewish voters had their turn to listen to and weigh in on the debate as the six Democratic candidates for County Executive gathered for another forum, this time at Kol Shalom in Rockville. The issues ranged from the rise in hate crimes and security to the County’s economy, with the candidates rehashing debates and making attempts to appeal to Jewish voters.


Spending for County Executive race climbs

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MoCo LogoFor months a new face has appeared on television airwaves, on banner ads for websites, at Metro stops, and commercials on YouTube.

While admittedly an unknown six months ago when he entered the race for Montgomery County Executive, businessman David Blair has used his own money to fund an advertisement blitz six weeks away from June 26 Democratic Primary.

Blair, who served as chair of Accountable Health Solutions before he decided to run for County Executive, has used online and traditional marketing to help bring his name recognition to voters in the County, including a commercial of him standing outside the White House saying while he is a rich businessman with no experience in elected office, he is the “opposite of the Donald Trump.”

“Montgomery County is still an amazing place to live, but we’re slipping in certain areas,” Blair said.


Money is the devil in politics

MC DC The Best Money Can BuyProgramming my own music on YouTube is one the last pleasures a diehard rock n’roll fan has left to look forward to in this topsy-turvy world.
Miguel is fine, but I like my guitar solos, back beats and a signature rock lyric.
Yes, I know I’m dating myself, but Led Zeppelin, The Stones, The Who, The Beatles, David Bowie, Lou Reed and a few others really still get my blood flowing.
And let’s face it, us old farts need to keep our blood flowing.
Everyone grows older if they’re lucky, but there are some things from childhood I absolutely refuse to part with until they pull the shroud over my eyes that one last time.
Imagine my consternation then when the Jim Carroll Band’s “Those are people who died” is interrupted by a David Blair ad.

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