Raskin's victory leads state's progressive charge

Jamie Raskin  Paul Schwartz-0370Newly-elected Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-8) and Paul K. Schwartz. PHOTO BY MARK POETKER 

It has been a very long journey to win the District 8 Congressional seat, but that quest came to a successful end on Tuesday night for State Senator Jamie Raskin. The journey began when incumbent Congressman Chris Van Hollen decided to vacate his Congressional seat in favor of a run for the Senate seat held by retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Both candidates are celebrating today with their impressive victories. Each candidate received more than 70 percent of the Montgomery County vote in their respective election victories.


Raskin and Cox make last pitches to 8th district voters

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Raskin  Cox 2016Congressional District 8 candidates Jamie Raskin (left) and Dan Cox (right). COURTESY PHOTOS

BETHESDA – In between his law classes at American University, state Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-20) introduced himself to voters at Bethesda’s Metro station as the Democratic nominee for the eighth congressional district.

Meanwhile, Republican nominee Dan Cox, a Frederick County lawyer, spent his final hours before the election crisscrossing between Frederick, Montgomery and Carroll counties as a final push before polls close at 8 p.m. Tuesday.


Green Party nominee Jill Stein rallies at UMD

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COLLEGE PARK – Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka told several hundred people at a campaign rally Sunday they had more options than the major party nominees.

 “You are what democracy looks like UMD,” Stein shouted to an audience of several hundred, populated largely by University of Maryland students. “We are in the middle of a mobilization that puts people, peace, and plant over profit.”


Recap of the 2016 election before it happens

Ballot box

It is one thing to analyze the results of the 2016 election after November 8th.  It is quite another thing to recap the results of the November 8th election on September 29, but here goes. 

As the 2016 election season has finally come to an end, the message for this election season should have been “America finally gets it right.” Sadly, however, that is not the most significant message coming out of this election period.


Trump supporters talk support for candidate

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trump thumbs up low resPresidential candidate Donald Trump.    COURTESY PHOTO

Supporters of Donald Trump in Montgomery County contend there is a large silent support base for the Republican presidential nominee in the traditionally liberal county.

While many assume that an outspoken Republican candidate like Trump would draw only ire from most residents in the staunchly Democratic Montgomery County, supporters of Trump say that a surprising number of County residents are receptive to his message.

“I assumed he was not very popular in Montgomery County, but it's incredible the amount of people coming out of the woodwork,” said Dan McHugh a volunteer with Trump Montgomery.


Five Reasons Why I Am Running To Be Your Congressman

The Olympics just ended, and if you watched like we did you heard the Maya Angelou poem on commercial breaks, “We are more alike, my friend, than we are unalike.” That is true for Congressional District 8 as well, for in our diversity we are united and share similar desires and needs.

For instance, as parents who just returned from dropping our sophomore off at college, Valerie and I identify with every parent who believes their child can accomplish great things. 

We all want the next generation to believe that they have a great purpose, to do good things in our country and world. We want them to hope, believe, dream, work hard and aspire to accomplish goals.

All this is our common interest, yet it is not guaranteed. Without freedom, the human condition goes dry.

That is why I am running to fill the open seat in Congress in Maryland's District 8 and I am asking for your vote.


Republican candidates for Dist. 8 Congressional seat debate

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GOP Debate 1Republican candidates Liz Matory, Jeff Jones, Shelly Skolnick and Aryeh Shudofsky took part in a debate for the 8th Congressional District on Monday night. PHOTO BY MARK POETKER

ROCKVILLE – How does a Republican win in Montgomery County, where all of the County Council members, state legislators and congressional members are Democrats?

On Monday night, four of the five candidates running for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District faced off in a debate hosted by the Montgomery County Sentinel at the Executive Office Building.


GOP candidates gather for congressional debate

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GOP CandidatesFrom left to right, Shelly Skolnick, Liz Matory, Aryeh Shudofsky, Dan Cox and Jeff Jones.  COURTESY PHOTOS

ROCKVILLE – And now it’s the GOP’s turn.

The Republican candidates for Maryland's District 8th Congressional District seat will meet in a live-stream Web event hosted by the Montgomery County Sentinel Monday in the Executive Office Building Auditorium.

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