County resident recounts problems with Hollywood sexism

  • Published in Local

Montgomery County native Kat Hess says she always wanted to work in the film industry.

“By the time I graduated from college, it was an absolute obsession of mine and I somehow convinced my parents to let me go to film school to pursue it,” Hess said. She said that attending film school, where male students outnumbered female students in classes by four- or five-to-one ratios, opened her eyes to how women were under-represented in the business.

“This was also where my decision to work in film stopped being just about the pursuit to work in art, it became about representation,” Hess said. “Every screenwriting class I would voice my opinion about either the lack of or the terrible way women were being portrayed. I realized it wasn't just the guys in my class (all of which I do think highly of – most became like brothers to me), but it was representative of a bigger problem in Hollywood. Why aren't women on screen? Why aren't their stories being told? Why are they only in movies in the service of the male storyline?”

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