Welcome to the ‘Never mind Obama, it’s all about me’ Donald Trump presidency

Pres. Obama 12 31 12I can remember quite vividly the days during the 2016 presidential when Hillary Clinton was portrayed as a “third term of Obama.” Considering the current disaster in the White House, a third Obama term would be quite welcome and be a major step in returning some dignity to the American presidency.
When considering what was accomplished by President Obama during a time in which the Republicans held a majority in both houses of Congress as compared to a Trump administration which has the benefit of that same Republican majority in both houses, one can only be amazed at the magnitude of the difference.


Trusting Iran isn't the point, Ben Cardin

I didn't think I would be visiting the issue of the Iran nuclear deal in my column so soon after writing about it as recently as Aug. 7. However, I recently had the opportunity to attend a luncheon hosted by the Women's Democratic Club of Montgomery County at which our own Sen. Ben Cardin served as the guest speaker.

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