Young athlete to compete in Israel

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xJJ Eig-113-year-old gymnast J.J. Eig prepares to attend the Maccabi Games in Israel this summer. PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE  

J.J. Eig is a gymnast who is attending the Maccabi Games in Haifa, Israel at the age of 13.

The Maccabi Games feature Jewish teenagers from more than 70 countries who come to compete in many sports.

For J.J., this is special. It will be a chance to make friends and compete on a stage. But, most importantly, it will be a family affair.


Funds raised to help Israel recover from fires

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New York, NY – As Israel recovers from devastating fires during November which destroyed 10,000 acres of land and forests, the charitable non-profit organization Jewish National Fund (JNF-USA) announced on Dec. 15 that it raised $6 million to help provide the nation new fire trucks and lifesaving equipment, and will work over the next several years to replenish thousands of lost trees through careful reforestation.

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