Kathleen Matthews vows to knock on 10,000 doors to help local Democrats

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Kathleen MathewsKathleen Mathews. PHOTO BY TOSIN FAKILE  Maryland Democrats have internalized the harsh lessons of the 2014 and 2016 elections which left Larry Hogan in the governor’s mansion and Donald Trump in the White House, Maryland Democratic Party Chairwoman Matthews said, and they’re doing the hard work that is needed to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

“We need to get back to basics,” Matthews said during an exclusive interview at The Sentinel’s Rockville offices. “We need to start listening to people. People felt like they had been ignored and that Democrats took their votes for granted.”


Matthews roasted for charity

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Kathleen Matthews HeadshotKathleen Matthews.                         FILE PHOTO  NORTH BETHESDA – A little more than a year ago, former ABC 7 news anchor and Marriott executive Kathleen Matthews conceded the most expensive House of Representatives election in the County.

One year after winning the Democratic Primary and five months after being sworn into Congress, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D- 8) finally got his chance to rub in his victory over Matthews –albeit for charity.

“The returns came early from Frederick and Carroll counties where our friend David Trone was trouncing us both.” Raskin said. “And we were on the edges of our seats. I could not wait for the votes to come in from Silver Spring and Takoma Park, she could not wait for the votes to come in from Georgetown and Nantucket.”

On May 11, Matthews’ friends, family members and even political rivals roasted her to raise money for the Jubilee Foundation, a non-profit that helps care for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.


Raskin's victory leads state's progressive charge

Jamie Raskin  Paul Schwartz-0370Newly-elected Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-8) and Paul K. Schwartz. PHOTO BY MARK POETKER 

It has been a very long journey to win the District 8 Congressional seat, but that quest came to a successful end on Tuesday night for State Senator Jamie Raskin. The journey began when incumbent Congressman Chris Van Hollen decided to vacate his Congressional seat in favor of a run for the Senate seat held by retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Both candidates are celebrating today with their impressive victories. Each candidate received more than 70 percent of the Montgomery County vote in their respective election victories.


The matter of White Privilege


GODI tried to listen quietly as the woman on the phone berated me regarding privileged youths, indulging and sheltering our children and matters of racism.

It is on the issue of race where I began to chafe.

If you, as the woman on the phone do not believe there is such a thing as white privilege, then you are sadly and horribly mistaken.

The color of your skin affects the way everyone interacts with you. So does your religion, the way you dress, your gender, your socioeconomic standing, your job and your politics.

To ignore these facts is to be delusional.


Democrats spar in Congressional debate

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IMG 1468 1280x960Democratic candidates State Sen. Jamie Raskin, State Del. Kumar Barve, Kathleen Matthews, Joel Rubin and David Trone prepare for the debate. PHOTO BY MARK ROBINSON

ROCKVILLE – Metro served as a uniting issue for Democrats competing in the 8th Congressional District primary during a debate hosted by the Montgomery County Sentinel Saturday night while the candidates offered different views on campaign funding.


Mother's Milk Of Politics

IMG 5707David Trone was emphatic, “You shouldn’t have to apologize for success,” he said defending using his personal wealth in his run for the District 8 congressional seat being vacated by Chris Van Hollen.
According to Trone special interest groups are “continuing to corrode democracy,” but his wealth afforded him complete independence. He made these points in a debate sponsored by The Montgomery County Sentinel last week.
He is right about special interest groups. He is also right about other candidates for the office he seeks who have their problems with the stain of money haunting them.
But there is a logical fallacy in Trone’s argument. First there is the statement attributed to a California politician; “If you can't eat their food, drink their booze, screw their women, take their money and then vote against them you've got no business being up here.”
Trone believes huge amounts of money from PACs and special interest groups are influencing his other opponents for the democratic nomination for Congress, specifically, and all politicians in general. This suggests Trone only believes the truly honest politician would either be the extremely wealthy who owes nothing to special interests or the candidate who refuses to accept large donations and has a grass roots following.

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