Local student enters national voice competition

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amandagallerymain RRAcademy of the Holy Cross senior and aspiring opera singer Amanda Primosch will compete in January at the 37th annual National YoungArts Week in Miami. COURTESY PHOTOBETHESDA — A Montgomery County student is one of 21 finalists who will perform in a national art competition next month. 

Amanda Primosch, an aspiring opera singer and senior at the Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, will compete at the 37th annual National YoungArts Week, held in Miami Jan. 7 through Jan. 14. The competition is put on by the National YoungArts Foundation, which presents awards to high school students around the country in a variety of creative and performing arts disciplines. 

“I actually used to be terrified to sing in front of other people,” said Primosch, who serves as president of AHC's Madrigal Singers, as she explained how her sister – who is four years older– was the reason she got into singing.


Pedestrian killed after police car collision

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Policelights 1A 74-year-old Kensington man was killed Wednesday evening after being struck by an unmarked police cruiser as he attempted to cross Veirs Mill Road on a Sunra motor scooter.

Officer Robert Farmer, an eight-year veteran of Montgomery County Police, was on duty at the time of the collision. He has been placed on mandatory administrative leave while an investigation is conducted. 

The victim, Loreto Andal Canubas of Dewey Road, was entering the eastbound lanes of Veirs Mill Road at approximately 9:45 p.m. after crossing westbound Veirs Mill Road, coming from Monterrey Drive. 


Spanish terrorism felt locally

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Terrorists on Aug. 17 drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians on Las Ramblas, the principal thoroughfare of Barcelona, killing 15 people and wounding at least 130.

The attacks provoked revulsion and sympathy throughout the world.

Several area residents with ties to the Catalan region were particularly shaken by the news.

Elisenda Sola-Sole, a Spanish native, has for a dozen years recreated Las Ramblas on Howard Avenue in Kensington.

Sola-Sole is the proprietor of the Kensington Row bookshop and founder of the Day of the Book Festival, which is held every year on April 23, the International Day of the Book, or on the Sunday closest to that date. Like the Spanish Dia de Libre festival held annually on Las Ramblas, upon which it is based, the Day of the Book Festival provides a venue for authors to read from and sell their works.

“My family is from Barcelona, we were just there in July for my daughter's wedding, and the whole family went,” Sola-Sole said. “We have a family apartment there where my mother lives in the summer and winter, and I usually go once a year. Besides my daughter and her new husband, we have so much family right in Barcelona. My mother is the oldest of 15, so you can imagine how many aunts, uncles, and cousins I have there. I did notice on this trip that there was more police presence. I think there has been a sense for a while now that something could happen.”


S.S. plays are one-act but definitely not one note

Silver Spring Stage Marilyn Millstone Headshot Playwright Marilyn Millstone’s “Compos Mentis” will be staged during the second weekend of the Silver Spring Stage One-Act Festival. COURTESY PHOTO      Irwin and Anna Leder had been Marilyn Millstone’s next-door neighbors and surrogate parents for 14 years. So, it was not surprising that their departure for a senior facility impacted her.

But it also inspired the news-and-feature journalist and essayist turned dramatist to write another play.

In “Compos Mentis,” (which is Latin, meaning “of sound mind”) Millstone has added the child of an elderly couple, who pressures them to go to an assisted living facility while the couple resists and wants to retain independence.


Green Party candidate to run for council seat

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Tim WillardTim Willard.      FILE PHOTO   Tim Willard of Kensington has formally entered the race for one of four county council at-large seats as a candidate of the Green Party.

“I’m running on a platform of sustainability,” Willard said. “I am going to be the only candidate looking at the limits of growth seriously,” he added.


Day of the Book Festival draws diverse crowd to Kensington

IMG 1535Thousands attended the Day of the Book Festival in Kensington. PHOTO BY PETER ROULEAU KENSINGTON – A break in the rain on Sunday permitted several thousand people to attend the annual Day of the Book Festival on Howard Avenue in Kensington.

The festival began in 2005, thanks to the efforts of Elisenda Sola-Sole, owner of the Kensington Row Bookshop, a popular used book store. Sola-Sole’s family founded the Pauli Bellet Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of Catalan culture. The inspiration for the festival came from the “El Dia del Libre” celebration in Barcelona, which in 1923 was merged with the city’s traditional Rose Festival. In these celebrations, authors and other merchants set up stalls along Barcelona’s main thoroughfare, La Rambla.

This year, the festival was held on the International Day of the Book, which was designated April 23 in 1995 by UNESCO in honor of the birthdate of William Shakespeare. In other years, the festival is held on the Sunday closest to the date.


Green Party candidate files for County Council at-Large

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Tim WillardTim Willard. COURTESY PHOTO  

BETHESDA – Green Party candidate Tim Willard of Kensington has filed with the County Board of Elections to run for the County Council at Large in 2018.

“I’m running on a platform of sustainability,” Willard said. “We have start planning an end to growth, it’s getting expensive, and we have to figure out how we go into the future,” he added.


Silver Spring man held on charge of attempted murder of pregnant woman

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ROCKVILLE – A Silver Spring man is being held on a $5 million bond for the attempted murder of a pregnant woman who claims that he is the father of her child. The baby’s survival remains uncertain.

According to police reports, 18-year-old Dakota Brothers allegedly strangled and stabbed 19-year-old Samuela Wolfe, who was six months pregnant; he assaulted Wolfe after having sex with her in a wooded pathway behind 3015 Upton Street in Kensington the afternoon of August 31.

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