Mother's Milk Of Politics

IMG 5707David Trone was emphatic, “You shouldn’t have to apologize for success,” he said defending using his personal wealth in his run for the District 8 congressional seat being vacated by Chris Van Hollen.
According to Trone special interest groups are “continuing to corrode democracy,” but his wealth afforded him complete independence. He made these points in a debate sponsored by The Montgomery County Sentinel last week.
He is right about special interest groups. He is also right about other candidates for the office he seeks who have their problems with the stain of money haunting them.
But there is a logical fallacy in Trone’s argument. First there is the statement attributed to a California politician; “If you can't eat their food, drink their booze, screw their women, take their money and then vote against them you've got no business being up here.”
Trone believes huge amounts of money from PACs and special interest groups are influencing his other opponents for the democratic nomination for Congress, specifically, and all politicians in general. This suggests Trone only believes the truly honest politician would either be the extremely wealthy who owes nothing to special interests or the candidate who refuses to accept large donations and has a grass roots following.


Barve picks up endorsement from union

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Kumar-BarveState Del. Kumar Barve (D-17)

ROCKVILLE – UNITE HERE International Union released its endorsement of state Del. Kumar Barve (D-17) in the Democratic primary for Maryland’s 8th Congressional District Monday.

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