Travel Tales: I will survive

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How to survive a television reality show

Travel Tales Shell FishingShell fishing can keep you starving. PHOTO COURTESY OF LEW AND SUSAN TOULMIN  Last month we discussed what gear you need to survive and win one of the many current, popular TV survival shows set in overseas jungles and deserts, such as Naked and Afraid (NAA), Alone, Ultimate Survival, The Island, Build to Survive, Dual Survival, Man-WomanWild, Marooned, Survivorman, Dude: You’re Screwed, Out of the Wild, the various Bear Grylls and Ray Mears shows. Don’t forget the show with the best title of all: Fat Guys in the Woods! This month and next we will outline what actions to take, in order to win.

Note that all this info on gear and actions might save you from becoming a Zombie’s lunch, if you believe in prepping for an impending Zombie Apocalypse or other disaster. Here are actions you need to take, in either event:

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