Hogan joins in for Marriott groundbreaking in Bethesda

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As a sign of the amicable relationship between elected officials and one of the state’s largest corporations, Gov. Larry Hogan and County Executive Ike Leggett joined in for a groundbreaking ceremony of Marriott International’s new headquarters in Downtown Bethesda last Thursday.

The ceremony served as a victory for state and local officials, who agreed to a combined $33 million in subsidies to the global hotel chain in order to keep them based in the County. On June 21, elected leaders and representatives from Marriott said the day was about honoring Marriott’s longtime commitment to Bethesda.


Bethesda proves to be “Ground Zero” for hotel businesses

Bethesda is one of the top places in the country for companies on both the ownership and management sides of the hotel business.

J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr., CEO of Marriott International Inc. from 1972 to 2011 and still executive chairman, led the lodging industry’s separation of management and ownership functions for larger, higher-end properties. Until the 1980s, hotel owners in all price ranges generally managed their own properties, and chains had either central ownership or franchising deals holding them together.

Marriott concentrated on the management side of the business, developing the powerful marketing synergies of nationwide and worldwide hotel brands, as well as expertise and cost savings in hotel operations.


Council hears objection to subsidizing Marriott International Headquarters

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ROCKVILLE – After Marriott executives announced they would keeping their International Headquarters in the County and would move to downtown Bethesda, County Council members said they are considering spending $11 million to help fund the project.

Money for the project would come from the recently passed recordation tax premium and would be designated for planning, infrastructure design and construction cost for Marriott’s newly proposed $500 million in downtown Bethesda, according to County Executive Ike Leggett.

“Regrettably this is a fundamental tenet of economic development these days, so these issues come up, people could say that about just about everything we do, ‘You shouldn't do this, you should do something else.’ But I think the council is united in cutting the deal with Marriott and it’s great to have the partnership of the state here,” said Council member Nancy Floreen (D-At large).

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