Leggett plans budget cuts

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MoCo LogoMontgomery County Executive Isiah “Ike” Leggett released his plan for $60 million in proposed cuts last week, after news the County is way short of its proposed revenues for the current year.

Leggett’s proposed cuts, most notably target schools – the largest part of the County’s budget – include a proposed $25 million cut to Montgomery County Public Schools and a $5.2 million cut to Montgomery College.

“There are very few options that are there, you don't go there unless you absolutely have to,” said Leggett of his proposed $30.2 million cut to schools.

In addition, Leggett also proposed a $3.8 million cut to police, a $2.6 million cut to the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, a $2.6 million cut to fire and rescue services and a $4.4 million cut to the Department of Health and Human Services to make up for the revenue shortfall.


Blair High School needs new artificial surface field

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SILVER SPRING – Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission is having Montgomery Blair High School’s artificial turf field replaced after a retest showed the field was unsafe and within a year of the end of its useful life.

John Nissel, deputy director of operations, said the warrantee for the field managed by M-NCPPC is due to expire in August.

“It’s like if you buy a car and it wears out before the warrantee; it’s certainly not what you paid for,” said Nissel, referring to the field lasting seven years and four months.


Takoma Park officially going to the dogs - park

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Takoma Park Dog Park 2Local resident Rebecca Bjork stops for a photo with her 2-year-old dog Prince during a walk at Piney Branch Neighborhood Park. PHOTO BY KATHLEEN STUBBS  

TAKOMA PARK – A new dog park is slated to open in Takoma Park by the end of December and workers broke the ground last Thursday, according to the deputy city manager.

City Coordinator of Special Projects Nima Upadhyay said the project will cost about $200,000.

A Program Open Space grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources will cover about 75 percent of the cost and the city will cover the remaining 25 percent.


Their goose was cooked

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About 300 Canada geese were killed in the County earlier this month at two parks as part of a gander-thinning policy, leaving some people protesting the decision.

While some people are pleased that there will be fewer geese, or more specifically, less of their droppings, at these parks, members of the Humane Society of the United States said they are hoping last week's killings will be the last.

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