Obtaining public information from police

gavel2 1 Members of the public seeking access to government records, even in this era of reported leaks of documents, is most commonly obtained through the federal Freedom of Information Act or the Maryland equivalent, the Maryland Public Information Act (PIA). The Court of Appeals recently addressed its application to police records in a case called Gary Alan Glass v. Anne Arundel County.


Public information and abortion clinics

The Maryland Public Information Act (PIA), similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act, broadly provides a means for members of the public to obtain government documents which may shed light upon the actions of the government. Public policy under the PIA is strongly in favor of disclosure of government records. How that policy should be interpreted when it comes to controversial documents such as records of ownership of abortion clinics was explored in a case last month from Maryland’s highest court called Andrew Glenn v. Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DHMH).

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