New smoke alarm law takes effect

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A new Maryland law requiring homeowners to update smoke alarms in their homes went into effect Jan. 1.

The law, originally passed in 2013, requires homeowners replace battery-operated smoke alarms with either new battery sealed-in smoke alarms with a “silence or hush” feature or hardwired smoke alarms with a battery back-up.

“The main benefit that we think is that they are worry-free and that they work,” said Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services Spokesperson Pete Piringer.


Criminal child neglect not easy to apply


Under Maryland law, criminal child neglect means “the intentional failure to provide necessary assistance and resources for the physical needs or mental health of a minor that creates a substantial risk of harm to the minor’s physical health or a substantial risk of mental injury to the minor.” Applying this law to particular sets of facts can be difficult, as illustrated by a 4-3 decision by Maryland’s Court of Appeals last week in a case called Beverly Annetta Hall v. State.

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