Maryland joins lawsuit against EPA

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Maryland has joined seven other states in filing a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency for refusing to follow act on a request to curb air pollution from other states.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia, states the EPA is not enforcing part of the Clean Air Act because it has not added several “upwind” states, whose pollution blows eastward toward the East Coast to a group of East Coast states that work together to curb pollution.

“Their continuing policy favors businesses over the health of people who breathe polluted air,” said Christine Tobar, a spokesperson for Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh.


About The Governor


HoganIt’s the type of news that, if you’re at all human, floors you.
Governor Larry Hogan found a lump in his throat while shaving. A quick trip to the doctor and dozens of lumps later, the governor is diagnosed with a “very aggressive” form of lymphoma.
I’m sure I’m not the only middle-aged man who went home and checked his body four or five times for lumps and then decided to see his doctor.
Down at my favorite caffeine watering hole, where during these Dog Days of June most people seem to be ordering anything but coffee, I overheard a disturbing conversation.
To be honest I often overhear disturbing conversations there, but this particular conversation didn’t have anything to do with comp and class studies, or lack of raises or nine people being killed in a South Carolina church. This conversation centered on who will be governor now that our governor is dead.
Not only isn’t Larry Hogan dead, but his upbeat news conference wherein he was told his odds of beating cancer were better than beating his democratic opponent in the recent gubernatorial election, gave me a bit of hope for the man sticking around for awhile.
Those involved in this Frappucino-waiting conversation could not name the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland nor were they sure who would take over for Hogan should he fall victim to his illness – a matter of which they were convinced was not only preordained but had actually already occurred.
I didn’t want to intrude and so I didn’t lean in and say “The Lieutenant Governor is Boyd K. Rutherford,” or mention his age, 58, or that he and I are both parents of three adult children.
I didn’t mention he was educated at Howard and had little experience running for public office, but had a deep background in law, was originally from Washington D.C. and served with distinction at various governmental posts.

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