Red Line rapist who treated victim like a “caged animal” gets two life sentences

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gavel2 1 ROCKVILLE — Circuit Court Judge Cheryl A. McCally on Friday sentenced a man who was convicted of the sexual assault of a woman on a Metro train to life in prison.

John Prentice Hicks, 41, will serve two consecutive life sentences in prison after a jury convicted him of first-degree rape and first-degree sex offense. Hicks raped a woman on the Red Line and ordered her at knifepoint to perform fellatio on him in April 2016.

The victim asked McCally to give Hicks the maximum sentence so he would not get out on parole.

“He already had other victims,” she said to McCally. “Let me be his last.”


Metro Assaults Up

Broken Promises - Bad Dreams, A Metro Investigation (Fifth in a series)

WMATA’s overall crime down but concerns remain on Metrorail 

Metro entranceIn the last six years, the MTPD (Metro Transit Police Department) has battled several lawsuits from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) relating to their use of excessive force. At the same time, although overall crime has gone down at Metro stations, the number of assaults has gone up. Two notable suits involved young teens. According to the complaint filed by the ACLU in D.C. district court, in 2013 a 14-year-old girl referred to as A.K., was falsely arrested by MTPD officer Leo Taylor for a possible curfew violation. According to the ACLU the curfew would not have applied to A.K. since the train she was on was involved in interstate travel. Taylor pulled A.K. away from her older sister, punched her in the face, handcuffed her and then dragged her out of the station.

According to the complaint, Taylor took A.K. to a street-level bus shelter. Another officer told A.K. she could stand up, when she did Officer Taylor tackled her to the ground and smashed A.K’s head against the side of a bus shelter. When A.K. started to spit blood, Taylor tried to put a surgical mask on her, when A.K. resisted, Taylor hit the 14-year-old in the face several more times.

The teen suffered a severe concussion and had to receive physical therapy due to her injuries.

According to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) spokeswomen Sherri Ly, Taylor still works for Metro. She was unable to provide any specifics about his duty assignments.

“Like every police force in a large metropolitan area, they are dealing with tens of thousands of people every day; they are dealing with crowded conditions. I have some sympathy that they have a very tough job to do, in general, police officers try to do it well sometimes things do not turn out right, more often there are officers who just lose their temper,” said ACLU legal head Art Spitzer.


Metro Transit Police arrest suspect in Red Line shooting

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jermaine brown 1Metro Transit Police arrested Jermaine Brown, 18, in connection with a shooting incident on a Red Line train near Takoma station. COURTESY PHOTO Metro Transit Police arrested Jermaine Brown, 18, of Seat Pleasant on Sunday in connection with a shooting that occurred on the  Red Line  near Takoma Metro Station the same day.

The shooting occurred aboard a Red Line train before the train crossed the D.C. border to reach Takoma Metro Station around 3 p.m., Metro officials said. The victim, Brown’s 14-year-old half-brother, suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen. A Metro Transit Police officer at Takoma rendered first aid to the victim, who was transported to a local hospital and remained in stable condition as of Monday morning.



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Metro gets rid of six on inspection team following the Silver Line derailment

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WASHINGTON – Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said Thursday he fired six track inspectors and supervisors after Metro Transit Police finished investigating a train derailment for criminal activity.

“I want the board, our employees and our customers to know that this review revealed a disturbing level of indifference, lack of accountability, and flagrant misconduct in a portion of Metro’s track department which is completely intolerable,” Wiedefeld said at the Board Safety Committee meeting Thursday.

Two cars of a Metrorail train moved off the rails July 29, injuring three people. Emergency personnel took one to the hospital for a minor head injury.


Metro Transit Police investigating East Falls Church derailment

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Metro Transit Police

Metro Transit Police are investigating the July 29 derailment on the Silver Line after Metro’s general manager expressed concerns about findings from the internal inquiry. 

Metro Board of Directors Chairman and DC Council member Jack Evans said conflicting interviews led Metro General Manger Paul Wiedefeld to have Metro Transit Police begin their own investigation of two Silver Line train cars derailing while switching tracks last month.

“I talked with Paul (Thursday) and essentially what he told me... he’s getting inconsistent and contradictory information from this investigation to the point he found it was necessary to bring in criminal investigators,” Evans said.


Metro Transit Cop Busted

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After six-year investigation FBI charges first police officer with links to ISIL

 Metro Transit PoliceAgents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Metro Transit Police arrested Officer Nicholas Young, 36, Wednesday morning for allegedly trying to send “material support” to ISIS.

According to the affidavit, Young, who had been working for the Metro Transit Police Department since 2003, had several interactions with undercover officers in reference to his interests to terrorist activity.


Metro security beefed up following Brussels

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ROCKVILLE — Metro Transit Police and officers from other local jurisdictions stepped up their patrol presence on the Metro system in response to the Brussels terrorist attacks.

Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik said there is no perceived threat to the metropolitan area but that Metro would increase K-9 sweeps and visibility of officers to be extra cautious. He advised riders to immediately report any unattended packages to Metro Transit police, at 202-962-2121.

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