Missing Olney woman found dead, boyfriend charged with her murder

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wallenPolice have found the body of Laura Wallen, who had gone missing over the Labor Day weekend, in a shallow grave in Damascus. COURTESY PHOTO   

UPDATED 9/13/2017 AT 8:55 P.M. — Laura Elizabeth Wallen, 31, of Olney, has been found dead, and her boyfriend has been arrested in connection with her murder.

Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger held a press conference at Police Headquarters to announce that Wallen’s body was found by police in a shallow grave on a plot of land on Prices Distillery Road in Damascus. Today at 5:30 p.m., police arrested Wallen’s boyfriend, Tyler Tessier, on the charge of first-degree murder and other related charges.

Police had information from local witnesses that Tessier had been frequenting the area where Wallen’s body was found in Damascus.

The last text communication that came in from Wallen's cellphone was to family members on Monday, Sept. 4 around 9:00 a.m. 

"It was troubling enough for family to call police," County Police Sgt. Rebecca Innocenti said.

Police now believe that text on Monday morning was from Tessier, using Wallen’s cellphone and attempting to impersonate her. Police believe she was killed on Sunday, Sept. 3, according to Chief Manger.


County discusses diversity in policing

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Last year Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger met with County residents after police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana were caught on camera shooting African-American men.

The videos promoted protest and outrage across the Country, including in Montgomery County, from people who thought police departments did not represent the communities they sworn to protect. At one of the community forums, Manger promised to continue to try to diversify the County’s police department, but it was hard to keep up with the County’s quickly changing demographics.


Manger talks about building trust at Montgomery College

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ROCKVILLE – Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said County police have about 500,000 contacts with the public every year, and each one has the potential to go awry.

“What I tell my cops is that every single one of those contacts can either contribute and build trust, or it can damage trust,” Manger said.

Last week Manger and Montgomery College President DeRionne Pollard sat down for a discussion at Montgomery College’s Rockville campus to discuss relations between police and the community. Manger talked about the struggles to build trust with the community and the potential for unrest in the County.

“Ferguson can happen anywhere, you have to pay attention to the relationship that the police department has with the community,” Manger said.


Cop reunited with child he saved

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Cop Reunited with Child 2Sahara McCallister appeared with her mother and police officer Jonathan Pruziner. PHOTO BY MARK POETKER  

GERMANTOWN – The last time Montgomery County Police Officer Jonathan Pruziner saw 7-year-old Sahara McCallister, she was lying on her back cold and wet.

On Friday the two met again, as Sahara and her mother were reunited with the cop who saved her life after she went missing more than a week ago.

Sahara, who is autistic and nonverbal, ran away while a babysitter was watching her when her mother was at work. Pruziner, one of 15 officers who responded to the emergency call, found Sahara in a nearby pond suffering from hypothermia in near-freezing temperatures.

“She was pale. She was shaking. She was foaming at the mouth. I thought she was dying in my arms,” Mary Wimpy said after seeing her daughter in the hospital after Pruziner rescued her.


County hears more on fatal fire

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Silver Spring fire 8-11-16An internal audit was held on the County's response to the Flower Branch Apartments fire that killed seven and displaced over 100 people last August. FILE PHOTO  

During their internal audit about the County’s response to the fire at Flower Branch Apartments in Silver Spring that killed seven and displaced more than 100 people last August, County officials did not interview victims from the fire.

At last week’s council meeting, officials from several County agencies briefed the Council on an internal audit of the County’s response in providing services in the immediate aftermath of the fire. The audit listed several recommendations for the County, including a need for better communication between County staff.

Council member Tom Hucker (D-5) said the audit was disappointing and criticized County officials for not interviewing the victims of the fire who received the County’s services.

“It seems strange to me, as an approach, that you would just talk to County agencies and the non-profits we fund, but not the actual victims,” Hucker said.


Local cop popped for soliciting sex from minor

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Policelights 1

MANASSAS, Va. – Prince William County police arrested Montgomery County Police Officer Christopher Dunkes and six other men for soliciting sex from children during a Friday sting operation.

Police charged Dunkes of Gaithersburg with three counts of soliciting sex from a minor and he is currently held without bond. Dunkes’ next court date is July 14 and will take place in Prince William Circuit Court.


County police train with Brazilian martial arts

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MCPD Academy Martial Arts TrainingMontgomery County Police learn takedown techniques with a Brazilian martial arts expert. PHOTO BY MARK POETKER

ROCKVILLE – Since he was two-years-old, Rener Gracie, heir to one of the martial arts’ greatest dynasties, has studied the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He’s the son of Rorion Gracie—co-founder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and grandson to Helio Gracie—founder of the Gracie style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century. Rener Gracie now travels the country teaching his family’s techniques to law enforcement and military personnel.

Last week, Gracie, 32, held a weeklong Gracie Survival Tactics Course at the Montgomery County Police Academy, teaching his methods to 20 different law enforcement agencies and 94 officers, including those from Montgomery County Police, the U.S Marshal Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration.


Two men charged with rape of 12-year-old girl in Wheaton

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781a166a-0d1e-4ccc-ae17-baa41943976f-large16x9 FromlefttorightCarbajalTomeFrom left to right: Enrique Carbajal, 24, and Victor Tome, 19, have been arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping. COURTESY PHOTO

Montgomery County Police detectives have arrested and charged 24-year-old Enrique Carbajal and 19-year-old Victor Tome with the kidnapping and rape of a 12-year-old girl in Wheaton. 


Cell sims used in 80 cases

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ROCKVILLE – The Montgomery County Police Department used cell-site simulators in approximately 80 cases last year, 30 percent of which came from homicide cases, according to new statistics released Wednesday.


Local man charged with killing police officer

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ROCKVILLE – A local man charged with vehicular manslaughter for killing a local police officer is in jail under a $250,000 bond.

Maryland State’s Attorney John McCarthy announced the indictment of Luis Gustavo Reluzco on Feb. 12 after police charged Reluzco with vehicular manslaughter in the death of Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta.

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