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Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for Sept. 28, 2017

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How do you like me now coach? Captain Kirk leads da’ Hawgs

Montgomery MartyThey looked like the ‘Hawgs of old. The offensive line of the ‘Skins skinned ‘em alive.
Captain Kirk picked apart the defense and those bad old Raiders learned about smash mouth football the old fashioned way.
It was as close to a perfect game as a defense could pull off and even with a couple of offensive turnovers on silly fumbles, the Raiders had no chance against a lockdown defense.
Mighty Marty’s seen ‘em come and go, but this year’s Redskins defense is shaping up to be a Super Bowl quality team. Coupled with an offense in over drive and the NFC can look out for dem Hawgs.
That’s right, The Big Basso profundo is saying it right here and now: The ‘Skins are looking better than they have in years. Even Dan Snyder’s ugly suits and short man mentality can’t stop this team.
As for local high school action, Marty loved the Bullis and Q.O. matchup last week, and really looks forward to the Northwest and Good Counsel game this week.
Marty’s blazing away with a 55- 12 record this year. So let’s see what’s up this week:


Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for Sept. 21, 2017

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Hawgs back on top – but still have a ways to go

Montgomery MartyThe mighty Hawgs are back on top this week and Captain Kirk Cousins’ late touchdown pass gave this Buckin’ Bronco some hope for the season.
But the ‘Skins still need a better defensive scheme - some of that Packers “Nitro” might be good. We definitely got the personnel for it.
Meanwhile, two tough games are coming up for Hawgs fans. We win one of these two and watch out, NFL.
In high school action this week the High n’ Mighty thinks something mighty strange is going on.
Only three games were competitive - and only one was settled by one point. Blow outs ruled last week with Quince Orchard beating Clarksburg like a red-headed stepchild. The clock was spinning more than running.
A couple of teams have byes this week, so it’s going to be a light week - which might be good. Maybe a week of rest will help out.
For the rest of the teams out there, quit playing “Madden” and start playing some real football. At least learn how to stop the off-tackle run.
There’s a few good games this week so keep your fingers crossed:


Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for Sept. 14, 2017

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That was a forward pass - and the referees don’t get a free one

Montgomery MartyThe Big Hoss on the Ponderosa is sitting, ready to choke on his favorite Cuban stogie after watching the ‘Skins choke in week one.

Captain Kirk was spotty, but the defense was trainspottin’. The offense showed moments of hope, but the Big “D” took off down the slippery slope.

And with all that said, we was in it to win it and cou’dve done it.

Everyone but the referee - well even the referee - knew that was an incomplete pass.

If the fix is in for the NFL it’s upstairs in the booth. Everybody on earth knew that was a blocked pass and not a fumble. If the Hawgs are gonna lose - let it be because of their horrible play - not a horrible play call by a referee with a Jimmie Cone for a brain. Last week Marty went 15-3 proving he’s better than any NFL referee and bring his total up to 29-6 for the season.

So let’s take a look at the local fun coming up this week:


Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for Sept. 7, 2017

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The Mighty Hawgs will rule – with Captain Kirk at the helm

Montgomery MartyThe Big Dog likes to eat, and this week he did okay - going 14-3 in the first week of the high school football season.
But that ain’t what’s got Mighty Marty beatin’ his chest with pride.
The ‘Skins are about to start their latest season with high hopes and as sure as Marty loves a good stogie and a Jimmie cone, he knows with Captain Kirk firing missiles for the Hawgs, the sky is the limit this season.
Now the High n’ Mighty cannot figure out for the life of him what Dan the computer salesman is thinking when he doesn’t offer the kid a decent contract. But that’s what happens when computer nerds own NFL franchises.
Marty’s distaste for Dan Snyder aside, he can’t wait to kick back and enjoy another season of NFL football.
And this week he cannot escape the fun that will happen on Friday night with his favorite Damascus team.
Take a look:


Montgomery Marty's Weekly Picks for Aug. 31, 2017

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Marty cries in his beer over the Terps and loves Damascus

Montgomery MartyThe Basso Profundo is back with a good cigar and Jimmie Cone ready to tackle the high school football season.
He and his new Labrador named “Covfefe” is thinking this might be one of the most exciting seasons of football in recent memory.
Nothing is more Bigly than high school football, so let’s get going with this week’s fun and frolics.
But before he does Marty wants to take the Redskins to task for dissing Captain Kirk Cousins. The Redskins ain’t never gonna be nuthin’ if they don’t start treating this young man like he’s something.
The Hawgs have one of the best quarterbacks in the league and they treat him like he’s playing semi-pro ball in Pittsburgh.
That stuff has to stop folks. Big Dan Snyder needs to grow up and invest in the future of his football team or the future will forget he ever existed.
The Big Dog wants to howl:


Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for November 3, 2016

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The High and Mighty heads into the home stretch on h.s. picks

Montgomery Marty

Marty has but one question: How do you have a quarterback throw for more than 400 yards in a game and you don’t win?
That’s like Cleveland and Chicago being in the World Series at the same time.
That’s like Bob Dylan getting a Nobel Prize for literature.
That’s like the Hawgs not knowing when they have a quality quarterback.
That’s like Tom Brady getting butt-slurped for doing nothing.
Well, whatever.
Marty is still bemoaning a lack of defense in local football and as he wraps up this last week of the regular season, he’s hoping somebody besides Avalon will surprise him:


Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for October 27, 2016

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Mighty Marty’s getting seriously p.o’d at other sports reporters
Montgomery Marty

Marty has had it. Dunkin Donut, black coffee and cigarette finished with some of his sports brethren.
Sitting with some of his sports-writing compadres this week Marty had to listen to a whole lot of garbage-ola about Captain Kirk Cousins because one of his lineman ran into him on a play.
It was a pleasure watching Captain Kirk matching Matthew Stafford play for play. These are two of the best quarterbacks playing the game today.
Tom Brady is over the hill and was always overrated and still is. He’s the frat boy nobody likes.
Aaron Rodgers is better off doing commercials - it’s the one thing he does better than Brett Favre.
But the real quarterbacking is being done by Captain Kirk and when he wins his first MVP remember Marty said it here first - he’s the best!
There’s no “best” meanwhile in local high school football when it comes to defense.
Other than a handful of tough teams that are very well coached, high school football this year has seen some pathetic defense.
You could use the running clock as a fan in Marty’s office while he sips on a good Scotch and smokes a stoogie.
Here we go:


Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for October 13, 2016:

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Montgomery Marty is stunned by lack of high school defense

Montgomery Marty

Marty is beginning to wonder if high school football has gone plumb loco ‘round here.

Six local teams posted scores of more than 40 points last week while five teams couldn’t come up with more than eight.

One of them couldn’t even score.

Then there’s Sherwood who posted more in one game -76 than some teams score all year!

It’s obvious a bunch of teams in Moco need to learn how to play defense and a few of them need to find the big “O” - and The Big Buckin’ Bronco ain’t talking about fifty shades of gray or anything else.

Why it’s enough to make this pigskin fan take to a big cigar and head out to the veranda for some good old fashioned barbecue and something strong on Tap.

Meanwhile The Mighty One  went 13-4 this week and heading into the playoffs has amassed an 81-22 record for the season.

Marty will bet his favorite Jimmie Cone that his beloved Damascus Swarmin’ Hornets will stand tall in the saddle for the playoffs, but wonders about the rest of the pack:


Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for October 6, 2016

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The Big Bronco is Bucking with powers of prognostication

Montgomery Marty

Marty is starting to see a thread running through the recent criticism of his beloved Captain Kirk Cousins.

Last week he threw about 6 incomplete passes on the day. He zipped three for TDs and yet some fool said his efforts came crashing to earth when he threw an interception.

They just don’t want to give it up for Captain Kirk. At this point he could throw a perfect game for 300 yards and three TDs, not one dropped pass, not one interception and no sacks and some idiot would say, “Well he didn’t throw for 400 yards.”

The Captain Kirk critics are starting to remind The Big Bronco of Cow Poke fans - toothless and crazy.

Meanwhile Mighty Marty proved his powers of prognostication prowess last week by nailing the exact score in the Blair and Paint Branch game (28-21 in favor of the Battlin’ Blair Blazers) and being within a score on three other games.

You listenin’ up there ‘Hawg fans? Marty’s right and Captain Kirk is here to stay. Now get the Hawgs some Big “D”. Here we go with this week’s games:


Montgomery Marty's Weekly Picks for Sept. 29, 2016

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Mighty Marty effusive with praise for "Captain Kirk”

Montgomery Marty

Captain Kirk returned this week just in time to be a Giant Killer and silence the Giant crybaby Eli Manning.

Marty sat on the 40-yard-line for the game and lost his voice in between smoking a wicked Cuban cigar and yelling at the Giant fans who didn’t like his wicked Cuban cigar.

The only thing worse than a Cow Poke fan, or an Eagle stain is a big blue Giant crybaby.

Now if the Hawgs get some defense they’ll be back in the saddle in time to threaten to win their division again.

Uncle Marty likes the Kool-Aid thank you very much!

Last week Marty was a respectable 14-3 bringing his season total to 54-16 for a .771 win percentage!

On to this week:

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