Rockville Police continue investigation into threats

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Nimah NayelNimah Nayel. FILE PHOTO  A Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson said the school system will defer to Rockville Police as it continues to investigate Islamophobic and racist harassment directed at a Richard Montgomery student who ran for the Board of Education.

MCPS Spokesperson Melissa Rivera said the school system will wait for police to finish their investigation of the incident before it looks into whether any MCPS students were involved in writing any of the racist messages.

“There is no way for us to know if the threat is from another student,” Rivera said. “We have to wait until the investigation is over and let the police do the work.”


The New Normal is neither

Nimah Nayel 2Today’s “New Normal,” isn’t new and it isn’t normal.
Sixteen-year-old baccalaureate student Nimah Nayel is a victim of the old racism and hate, long existent and awful in its scope.
This vile hatred, the antithesis of the American Spirit stayed dormant and seemingly was swept away into the dustbin of history where it belongs until the minions of Donald Trump took his racist and hate-filled rhetoric primetime and brought back the hatred with a vengeance.


“GTFO of my country!”

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Student candidate for County Board of Education receives hate-based death threats

Nimah Nayel.  COURTESY PHOTONimah Nayel. COURTESY PHOTOWARNING: This story contains graphic language

ROCKVILLE — “slit ur wrists mohammed's whore” the email read.

Sixteen-year-old Nimah Nayel, an international Baccalaureate student at Richard Montgomery High School, said she was shocked and upset.

Nayel, a finalist for Student Member of the MCPS Board of Education, received offensive remarks on her race and the fact that she is Muslim May 9 two weeks after the election ended.

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