Welcome to a brand new scary game

DD At Klan Rally in MarylandDaryl Davis with a member of the Ku Klux Klan. COURTESY PHOTO  The country that created and popularized such seasonal sports games as football, baseball, and basketball, has now created an all-season game, impervious to any type of weather. Its participants are obsessed with playing it seven days per week and twenty-four hours per day. It's called The Blame Game.
For the last eight years, anything and everything that was wrong in our country or in our own personal lives was blamed on President Obama. It became so ridiculous that if someone stepped of the sidewalk the wrong way and twisted their ankle, they blamed Obama.
Today, while some are still playing the old Obama version, others have moved on to the new Trump version. Ironically, the Donald himself prefers to play the old version which expired on January 20th of this year, and he does so every time he has the opportunity. In fact, it's become addictive for him.
What is sad is that the United States, once a very proactive country, leading the world has become complacent and reactive in taking steps to find solutions rather than cast aspersions. Our citizens' reaction has been to blame the country's leaders. There are those who say race relations in America are the worst they've seen and eight years of President Barack Obama is to blame. Others claim that the blame for a rise in extremist hate groups and the violent and deadly event which recently took place in Charlottesville, Va., lies squarely on the shoulders of President Donald Trump.


Hate crimes in the county



Hate Crime Forum 2Fred Davis, Hessie Harris, Daryl Davis, Brian Karem, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger and Ron Halber at the forum on hate crimes. PHOTO BY MARK POETKERMonday night the Montgomery County Sentinel sponsored a community forum on the subject of hate crime.
We invited civic leaders, county council members, our local police chief and someone from the Help Save Maryland organization.
This prompted telephone calls, some our office manager deemed “harassing” and several emails – one of which said that in tolerant Montgomery County we could not tolerate an organization like Help Save Maryland.


And equal opportunity for All


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Someone suggested to us at the end of Donna Edwards’ concession speech after she lost to Chris Van Hollen for the Senate seat currently occupied by Barbara Mikulski she should have dramatically dropped her microphone.

In her scathing comments she decried the plight of our state as she lamented we were about to send an all-male contingent to represent us in the federal government.

That would be a bad thing according to Edwards.

Her concern, a well-founded one, is that women and minorities are underrepresented in government.

But her logic fails because she implies that under no circumstances should it be okay to have just male members of Congress representing the state.

What if the shoe were on the other foot? What if someone were to say there should be, under no circumstances, an all-female contingent from the state representing us in D.C.?

Why we’d have a politically correct fit and a right proper one at that.

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