Rockville Little Theatre's 'Radium Girls' revisits cover-up of days gone by

Marnie Kanarek (l., Grace, in production) and Alice Wilkinson in 'Radium Girls.'  COURTESY PHOTOMarnie Kanarek (l., Grace, in production) and Alice Wilkinson in 'Radium Girls.'       COURTESY PHOTO  Glow-in-the-dark watch dials provided a path for pilots flying in the skies over the Western Front during World War I and helped them win the war.

The paint that workers applied to the dials contained radium, which people then viewed as a miracle drug that killed cancer, but it is also poisonous a fact that took a long time for companies to admit.

The women in the factories suddenly and mysteriously started getting sick, and only later did they realize what had happened to them.

One of the workers decided to take on the corporate world to admit responsibility.

A book entitled "Radium Girls: The Dark Story of Americas Shining Women" tells their story. D.W. Gregory later adapted it into a play, the next production of Rockville Little Theatre.

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