Trone files for Delaney's seat

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David Trone mugshot 2 5 16David Trone. FILE PHOTO  David Trone is back for a second time around in his run for Congress.

After running the most expensive campaign in state history, the local businessman and Potomac resident announced his campaign for the Democratic primary for Maryland’s 6th District seat in a video posted on his website Wednesday.

According to the Federal Elections Commission, Trone spent $13.41 million on his congressional campaign in 2016 – a race he lost to Jamie Raskin.

Trone said he plans to continue the work of Congressman John Delaney, who recently announced he is running for President of the United States in 2020.

“John is a good friend and a great representative,” said Trone. “With your help I’ll pick up right where John leaves off.”


Delaney announces run for President in 2020

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220px John Delaney 113th Congress official photoRep. John Delaney (D). FILE PHOTO  Representative John Delaney announced in an op-ed in the Washington Post Friday that he is running for President of the United States, making him among the first Democrats to challenge Donald J. Trump for the White House in 2020.


“Held Back Reform Too Long”

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Delaney proposes massive changes in the way Metro conducts business


A local representative said he has the legislative medicine to cure Metro’s ills.

“This legislation removes the brakes that have held back reform for too long,” said Rep. John Delaney (D-6), sponsor of the “WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) Improvement Act of 2017.”


Protests of Trump's immigration ban at Dulles

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DULLES – Sunday the message was clear.

“Immigrants are welcome here,” protesters chanted at Dulles International Airport Sunday afternoon.

After President Donald Trump signed an executive order that barred refugees from war-torn Syria and blocked nationals from seven Muslim-majority nations, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia and Syria for 90 days, people gathered to protest at international airports across the country Sunday.


Some voters get wrong ballots

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A small number of voters received the wrong ballot when they went to cast their vote at some of Montgomery County's early voting centers, County election officials said Wednesday. 

Since early voting centers are open to all citizens, regardless of the precinct they are registered in, voting staff must identify the correct "ballot style" for each voter when they check into the polls. 

Votes cast for congressional races in the third, sixth and eighth districts could have been affected, but not any other race.

"We have received several complaints of sporadic instances of this occurring," said Marjorie Roher, a Montgomery County Board of Elections spokesperson. "It certainly is not in any case widespread as far as we know."


And now playing the Delaney election card as we head into November

Congressman John Delaney of the 6th Congressional District addressed the Woman's Democratic Club of Montgomery County on Tuesday, September 20th, and made quite a strong case for the importance of the 2016 election and how much there is to lose if we, the voters, don't become engaged.

In his remarks the Congressman explained the consequences of a large segment of the electorate losing faith in government and interest in the election process resulting in becoming more and more disengaged. According to the Congressman, progress is made when a large segment of society mobilizes for a common cause. Think the civil rights movement. When “the people” become less engaged in government, it widens the door for the special interests to increase their influence in government.


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22, 2016

My opinions versus your facts

To the editor;

When politicians accuse other politicians of corruption, fraud or misrepresentation without factual evidence to support “opinion deception;” those self-serving screwballs create hoaxes to fool gullible people to believe propaganda from politicians dealing marked cards for the blame game are not from the Jokers.

There is no evidence to prove P.T. Barnum said, “Thers a sucker born every minute.”


County's congressmen talk gerrymandering

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Representatives from Maryland’s congressional delegation said they are working on ending gerrymandering in the state after a three-judge panel decided to allow a lawsuit against the state’s congressional district boundaries to go forward.

The case Shapiro v. McManus alleges that Maryland’s sixth congressional district violates the rights of Republicans to freely associate after the state legislature redrew the congressional districts in 2011.

After the two-one vote by a panel of federal judges on Aug. 24 in Baltimore, the case will go to trial and could potentially end up being heard by the United States Supreme Court.

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