Will the real Larry Hogan please stand up?

download 3Larry Hogan is a Republican governor in a very blue state, Maryland, and is running for a second and final term with a favorability rating that has consistently hovered around 70 percent. That favorability rating is second among all governors. Only Republican Charlie Baker of another blue state, Massachusetts, has a higher favorability score.
Does any Democrat have a snowball's chance in hell to unseat this extremely popular incumbent governor? More specifically, does the Democrat who will be selected in the primary election on June 26 from a current field of nine candidates to challenge Governor Hogan in the general election in November have a fighting chance to unseat the incumbent?
The answer is a resounding yes, but only if the campaign focuses on the right issues; issues that will crack that favorability rating wide open and expose the reality of the past four years.


Raskin and Cox make last pitches to 8th district voters

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Raskin  Cox 2016Congressional District 8 candidates Jamie Raskin (left) and Dan Cox (right). COURTESY PHOTOS

BETHESDA – In between his law classes at American University, state Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-20) introduced himself to voters at Bethesda’s Metro station as the Democratic nominee for the eighth congressional district.

Meanwhile, Republican nominee Dan Cox, a Frederick County lawyer, spent his final hours before the election crisscrossing between Frederick, Montgomery and Carroll counties as a final push before polls close at 8 p.m. Tuesday.


Letters to the Editor, October 27, 2016


Republican voting for Clinton


To the editor;
I am among those Republicans who have re-registered as Unaffiliated.
I was a life-long Republican. I have never voted for a Democrat since first voting in 1972.. This year I will be voting for the Democratic candidates for President, the US Senate, and the US House of Representatives. The Republican nominee for President does not represent conservative, Republican values and is unfit to be President. Yet he has not been repudiated by either the national Republican party nor by most Republican candidates.


Congressional candidate Hoeber pitches transportation solutions

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AmieHoeber2Congressional candidate Amie Hoeber (R), left, greets a rider at Shady Grove Station Tuesday. PHOTO BY KATHLEEN STUBBS  

ROCKVILLE – Congressional candidate Amie Hoeber (R) said she is redirecting her campaign to focus on transportation, although she said she is not an expert on the subject.

Running for the sixth congressional district, the former Reagan-era defense official said Gov. Larry Hogan (R), who endorsed her last week, also said voters value transportation.

Hogan said he believes Hoeber has a chance of winning the election as a Republican despite the Democratic tilt of the district that led to former Rep. Roscoe Bartlett’s (R) defeat in 2012 by newcomer John Delaney (D), who won re-election in 2014.

“A lot of people wrote me off when I was running and said that we didn’t have a chance and I proved them wrong,” Hogan said in a statement distributed by Hoeber’s campaign. “And I think she has the ability to do the exact same thing.”


Trump supporters talk support for candidate

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trump thumbs up low resPresidential candidate Donald Trump.    COURTESY PHOTO

Supporters of Donald Trump in Montgomery County contend there is a large silent support base for the Republican presidential nominee in the traditionally liberal county.

While many assume that an outspoken Republican candidate like Trump would draw only ire from most residents in the staunchly Democratic Montgomery County, supporters of Trump say that a surprising number of County residents are receptive to his message.

“I assumed he was not very popular in Montgomery County, but it's incredible the amount of people coming out of the woodwork,” said Dan McHugh a volunteer with Trump Montgomery.


Letters to the Editor published June 23, 2016

Brad, The GOP and term limits

To the editor;

The Montgomery County Republican Party (MCGOP) hosted a popular outreach booth Sunday, June 12 at the Celebrate Olde Towne Gaithersburg Festival. While supporting GOP candidates for Congress, Senate and the White House this November, the MCGOP is also promoting a non-partisan petition to get Term Limits for the MOCO County Executive and County Council on the November ballot.


On the road again with Raskin

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State Senator and Democratic candidate for Congress Jamie Raskin addressed the Women's Democratic Club of Montgomery County as luncheon speaker on June 6th and gave, in surgical detail, a tutorial on exactly how the party of Lincoln evolved into the party of Trump. The surgery did not leave the patient in very good health.


What kind of Fool is Trump?

Some of our readers have expressed a degree of displeasure with how I have been portraying Republicans, especially presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. I have been referred to as, among other things, a "communist" and Hillary's "boy toy".


Anyone who understands the meaning of the term "communist" knows that communism calls for complete government control. Acknowledging the need for government protections against capitalist excess as I do is a far cry from communism. Neither I nor, for that matter, Bernie Sanders espouse anything even close to that hideous label and throwing that label around haphazardly is completely irresponsible or, as they say in Republican politics - business as usual.

As for the other description, I don't know where to even begin to address that depiction, unless it will become a cabinet post.

I will agree, however, that my reaction to a Donald Trump nomination has been rather strong. My reaction, though, is based on my considering Mr. Trump to be the absolute worst, most ill-prepared candidate for any office that I have ever witnessed. Further, in addition to being completely unprepared for the office he seeks which is made abundantly clear by his inability to explain in the simplest of terms how he plans to accomplish any of his rally-rousing sound bites.

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