Sitting down with Van Hollen

Chris Van Hollen interview

With the November 8th election behind us and with the elevation of reality T.V. host Donald Trump to the White House in front of us, many Democrats are scratching their collective heads trying to figure out the best way forward.

The Montgomery County Sentinel sat down with newly elected Senator Chris Van Hollen to find out his views on the next steps for Democrats and, more importantly, the nation as we enter into somewhat unfamiliar territory with the Trump administration.


Letters to the Editor – November 24, 2016

Exercising Civil Rights 

To the editor;
I don't normally read the Sentinel, but today I picked a copy up at the Rockville Senior Center.
I was surprised at some of the vile and inaccurate comments from some readers. I have lived in Rockville since 1959 and watched seven children graduate from Richard Montgomery H.S.


On the road again with Raskin

20160606 130256

State Senator and Democratic candidate for Congress Jamie Raskin addressed the Women's Democratic Club of Montgomery County as luncheon speaker on June 6th and gave, in surgical detail, a tutorial on exactly how the party of Lincoln evolved into the party of Trump. The surgery did not leave the patient in very good health.


Donald Trump, patron saint of the GOP

Who is the patron saint of the Republican Party? We know that the patron saint of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party is FDR, but what about the Republicans? Let's start at the beginning and consider the very first Republican elected to the presidency and the president many believe to be our greatest for keeping our union together, Abraham Lincoln? Well, probably not since the former Confederacy was comprised of the currently heavily Republican southern states and many in those states still prefer to fly the Confederate battle flag.

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