Churchill beats WJ boys varsity soccer team 1-0

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BETHESDA – The Winston Churchill Bulldogs defeated the Walter Johnson Wildcats boys varsity soccer team 1-0 Monday evening.

Both teams began the match searching for a goal, exchanging opportunities at each end of the field. The Bulldogs would open the scoring in the first half and remain organized to preserve their lead until the final whistle.


Love comes in many forms on Rockville stage

IMG 6470 copy guyker almost maineAlexandra Guyker rehearses one of her roles in the play "Almost, Maine" at Rockville Little Theatre. COURTESY PHOTO  Sabine is a woman at an exciting point in her current relationship when she bumps into her ex at a bar. The meeting provokes a juggling act between past feelings and guilt, and the ways people deal with moving on.

Gayle has been in an 11-year relationship that’s apparently going nowhere. She finally brings it all to her boyfriend’s door, literally.

After many years away from her high-school sweetheart, Hope is looking to find her place in the world – with him.

These are some of the various characters in John Carian’s oft-performed play “Almost, Maine,” now on stage at Rockville Little Theatre. The play comprises nine two-character short plays that explore love and loss in the titular, mythical town.

Alexandra Guyker portrays Sabine, Gayle and Hope.

“All three characters have experiences I myself have dealt with, so it is easy to connect to each one when I look back on those times in my life,” Guyker said. “Because they’re different people, it’s important I take some time before each scene and really think about where I was before. But I rely on the author’s words to show the differences in their thought processes, pace, and emotions.”


Delaney tries to tackle crumbling infrastructure


220px John Delaney 113th Congress official photoWhen it comes to corporate tax breaks one ordinarily thinks Republican and one would ordinarily be correct in doing so.
However, what if the corporate tax break was not part of the usual “trickle-down economics” substanceless rhetoric but was actually applied directly to a specific undertaking that clearly benefited a particular community or communities?
That brings us to Democrat Congressman John Delaney of Maryland's 6th Congressional District.


So now I'm a Zionist?

PencilPaperSo this young Catholic boy, that would be me, picked up the phone.

On the other end of the line was an angry caller who accused me of being a Zionist and then hung up on me after I asked them if they knew what that word meant.

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