Self-driving cars and buying your next home

for sale sign outside houseTechnology has made homes more efficient and environmentally friendly, while also making them more comfortable.
Technology has made the business of real estate become increasingly easier through electronic communications and electronic signatures.
Technology has also made finding a home much easier too. It’s obvious that the real estate industry has been greatly impacted by technology, but will selfdriving car technology impact real estate?


Watch where the airport big trucks go

All of us who use the busy airports are aware of various types of commercial vehicles that provide transportation to and from the airport.  Though it may appear sometimes that those vehicles come and go as they please, they are subject to regulation and police enforcement just like private vehicles.  This is illustrated by a case this week from Maryland’s highest Court called State of Maryland v. Vadim Roshchin.


Police hunt for vandals in Olney

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Olney vandalism video stillResidents who live in Olney are keeping one eye open when they go to bed now, after 21 residents had their vehicles vandalized over the weekend.

Police say the vehicles were vandalized in four neighborhoods, Georgia Avenue and King William Drive, Cashell and Bowie Mill Road, Old Baltimore and Gold Mine roads and the section of Olney Sandy Spring Road between Sherwood High School and Brooke Road.

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