Man charged with stabbing girlfriend in their home

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Dwight Perry 240x300 COURTESY OF POLICEPolice arrested and charged Dwight Perry, 35, of Gaithersburg with first- and second-degree assault in the stabbing of his girlfriend Tuesday. PHOTO COURTESY OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY POLICEMontgomery County Police arrested and charged a 35-year-old man with first- and second-degree assault after he admitted to stabbing his girlfriend in their home Tuesday.

The commissioner placed Dwight Perry of the 700 block of West Side Drive in Gaithersburg, on no-bond status Tuesday night, said police spokesperson Officer Rick Goodale. Police transported him to Montgomery County Detention Center in Clarksburg. 

Police said Montgomery County Fire and Rescue personnel on Tuesday afternoon responded to the Gaithersburg home following a report of a domestic stabbing. They found the stabbing victim, who is Perry’s girlfriend, and transported her to a local hospital for treatment of a minor stab wound.


Metro union calls for increased police presence after bus driver’s recent assault

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Metro union president press conference 9 1 17Metro Union Local 689 President Jackie Jeter asks Metro leadership to increase police presence on more bus routes Friday.   PHOTO BY KATHLEEN STUBBS  A Metro union president said she continues to call for more police officers on buses after a passenger threw a cup of urine on a bus driver.

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 President Jackie Jeter said she has been urgently requesting police officers on more Metro buses since she took a leadership position for the union 10 years ago.

She said during a press conference at Minnesota Avenue Station Friday at least one driver for the X2 bus route, on which the urine incident occurred a few days ago, requested a supervisor or police officer ride on board with them for protection. Jeter then said a male bus driver left Minnesota Avenue Station in tears early Friday after a supervisor ordered him to complete the route without the protection he requested.


Hate Crimes Spike in MoCo

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Acts of vandalism motivated by the presidential election have caused a surge in hate crimes, according to police.

In the last few weeks, vandals have drawn racist and anti-Semitic graffiti on private and public property.

On Sunday, a Silver Spring resident who lives along Williamsburg Drive found a red swastika spray-painted on his front door and saw noticed his American flag was stolen from his yard, according to Montgomery County Police spokesperson Rick Goodale.

Goodale said the homeowner had a “Trump/Pence” sign in his front yard late last month.

 These incidents are part of the more than 75 hate crimes or bias incidents reported to police in Montgomery County this year.

“We did see an increase you know during the election cycle, just prior to the election and immediately after the election,” said Goodale.


Fight or flight and feelings of fright


It may seem to be common sense that when the accused person flees the scene of a crime, a jury may consider that fact in deciding guilt. Maryland case law carefully defines, however, when a jury may consider flight as evidence of guilt. This is illustrated in a recent unreported opinion from Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals called Sharnieli Nathanial Bingham v. State.


The new shotgun approach to laws

shotgun w shells 2-1

In 2013, the Maryland legislature amended a previous statute to include a prohibition against an individual previously convicted of certain disqualifying crimes from possessing a shotgun. A number of issues related to this statute were explored by Maryland’s intermediate appellate court in a recent opinion called Norvel Thompson v. State.


Dexter Manley pleads guilty to assault, receives probation

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ROCKVILLE – Former Redskins player Dexter Manley pleaded guilty to punching a former coworker on the side of the head and giving him a concussion two months ago. His trial took place in District Court on Thursday.

Judge John Moffet sentenced Manley to a weekend in the weekend work program, a year of probation with community service, anger management sessions and a $200 fine.

According to police documents, the incident happened in Andrew Bernstein’s office at CE Construction Services in Derwood. Bernstein, another coworker, saw what happened.

The reports indicate Bernstein said Manley and Robert Jones, the victim, were having a conversation while Bernstein was sitting at his desk. During that conversation, Manley got up and walked over to Jones and punched him on the left side of the head.


Montgomery Village man, 18, dies after Sunday assault

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MONTGOMERY VILLAGE -- A local 18-year-old man died after someone assaulted him and two other people Sunday night in Centerway Park, according to Montgomery County police spokesperson Rick Goodale.

Policelights 1

Goodale said the Montgomery Village resident Benitez suffered from several injuries and said investigators will continue to ask neighbors and family members what they know of the incident.

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