The president finally makes sense

Fredo MichaelI finally get it.
All these months I could not understand why our president tried so hard to disrupt and destroy the investigation into Russian hacking of our elections. There are those who are convinced it is because the president was directly involved in collusion with the Russians.
Still others think the president is just a buffoon, but I’ve never bought into that theory – he has some innate intelligence and survival instincts or he wouldn’t be able to thrive in the cutthroat world in which he’s cruised all these years.


The trials of toxic existence


At the end of the day, I will be held accountable for my actions – but do not try to hold me accountable for anyone else and whatever lunacy that strikes their fancy.
This comes after a liberal friend of mine said I was a “Sys-Gen” and that’s what Donald Trump’s troubles are all about.
Apparently, according to this logic, I am an example of “toxic masculinity,” and so is Donald Trump.


Questions Matt Lauer won't ask

Clinton v. Trump

As we are now in the presidential debate season, I though it might be a good time to suggest some potential questions that the moderators may wish to consider posing to the candidates. I think it safe to say that these questions have not yet been posed to the candidates by any of the news outlets:


Facts, Opinions and Snowden

IMG 0243Economics teaches us the more of a commodity we have, then usually the less valuable that commodity is to us – or as the economics professor used to say, “The demand curve slopes down.”
With that being said, if you couple that thought with the well-known maxim regarding opinions and their proliferation, then one must come to the logical and factual conclusion that opinions are worthless.
Edward Snowden didn’t get in trouble for releasing “opinions.” He got in trouble for being a whistle-blower regarding hard data – real information – you know “facts.”
Those facts are the coin of the realm and increasingly hard to come by.


Spirit secure home playoff game with 2-1 win against Seattle

 DSC9848Spirit forward Cheyna Williams (left) and forward Crystal Dunn celebrate Dunn's goal with a little bit of dancing on the field as Caprice Dydesco and Estelle Johnson watch. PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE  BOYDS – The Washington Spirit (12-3-3, 39 points) netted a home game playoff spot in the National Women’s Soccer League semifinals with a 2-1 win over the Seattle Reign (6-6-6, 24 points) Wednesday night.

Spirit forward Crystal Dunn notched her first score of the season off an assist from midfielder Christine Nairn during stoppage time play in the first half.

Last season, Dunn scored nearly every game and she won the Golden Boot with the most goals in the league. Washington Head Coach and General Manager Jim Gabarra predicted early in the season Dunn would score when the team needed it.

Seattle Reign’s offense kept the Spirit defense active the whole match.


The home of the afraid


Donald Trump wave

It doesn’t take long, once outside of the United States, to understand the high degree of insulation we both enjoy and suffer from in our Republic.

In the four countries my wife and I have visited since we left on vacation last week, when the locals find we are Americans, a wonderful conversation usually commences,

“Is it as cool as your movies?” I’ve been asked by those who haven’t visited. We are usually asked how large our country is and do we travel around it.

I remark how in five hours I can visit five countries in Europe, but I can actually drive for 10 hours in Texas and never leave the state.

That usually gets their attention.


Medical Marijuana and Federal Law

Medical Marijuana

Now that Maryland (and some other states) has laws that decriminalize possession of marijuana for medical uses, the fact that Federal law still makes possession criminal is causing numerous conflicts in the law that the Courts are having to deal with. This is illustrated by a case reported from Maryland's intermediate appellate Court called Wesley Hosford v. Chateau Foghorn.


The Constitution for now and ever


constitution quill pen

Although I readily acknowledge that Game of Thrones does not reflect reality, I think it safe to say if I had the power to do, shall we say, a Jon Snow resurrection from the dead, comedian Gary Shandling would be much higher on the waiting list than would be Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Scalia and his obsessively strict constructionist position regarding the Constitution did more to reverse the societal advancement we, as a nation, made in the twentieth century than just about anyone.


Spirit secure playoff berth with 1-1 tie against WNYF

Spirit vs WNYF-4Even with two people marking Crystal Dunn, she gets off her shot on goal.    PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE


BOYDS – The Washington Spirit (11-3-3 36 points.) secured a spot in the National Women’s Soccer League playoffs Saturday, tying the Western New York Flash (8-5-4  28 point) with one goal each.

If the Boyds-based team remains the league leader in points, the team will earn at least one home match at Maureen Hendricks Field. Should they make it to the finals, the game will be played in Houston at BBVA Compass Stadium. 


Funk scores touchdown in Terps' win against Howard


Jake Funk photoFormer Damascus running back Jake Funk scores his first career touchdown at the University of Maryland on Saturday.   PHOTO BY CANDACE ROJO KEYES  

COLLEGE PARK – You can’t fight the Funk.

Maryland freshman running back Jake Funk scored his first collegiate touchdown Saturday in the Terps’ 52-13 dismantling of Howard in the season opener at Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium.

The 2015 All-Sentinel Offensive Player of the Year from Damascus helped first-year Maryland head coach DJ Durkin capture his career victory.

“(It’s a) great day for our program,” said Durkin. “A great win for us, a great way to start.”

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